The Border Line: new documentary on ultra-cycling from Wilier Triestina



The first documentary film on ultra-cyclist Omar Di Felice, produced by Wilier Triestina, premiered on YouTube (in Italian, with English subtitles).

Released this week, Tuesday, September 21, at 9:00 p.m. CEST, Wilier Triestina made the documentary film ‘La Linea di Confine’ (The Border Line) available on his YouTube channel.

The film describes the efforts of the Roman ultracyclist Omar Di Felice who, in July 2020, in less than five days, cycled more than 1,600 kilometers through the Alps – from Muggia to Ventimiglia, on his Wilier 0 SLR.

“The film covers all aspects of the business: from the purely sporting aspects to the more psychological and personal, to the historical aspects linking Omar’s efforts to the greatest achievements in the history of cycling.”

Luca Violetto, Head of Communications at Wilier Triestina, explained the idea behind this new visual experience, saying: “In some ways, Omar Di Felice’s exploits represent the deepest essence of Wilier Triestina.

“His adventures are the fulfillment of a dream and require great dedication and the desire to continuously improve, just as we try to do with our products and our brand. We adopted this new film project alongside Different Media Production, a film studio that we have been working with for some time now, who immediately decided to take on the challenge of producing this feature film.

“In an hour and four minutes, the film documents the vision we share with Omar: that of cycling as an authentic and often educational ‘way of life’. The film is currently available on the Internet, but could be shown in theaters in the future.


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