Vittoria doubles production with new tire plant in Thailand


Brembate, Italy – Italian bicycle tire manufacturer Vittoria Group is building a new ‘state-of-the-art’ production plant in Thailand to increase production capacity for ‘premium bicycle tires’.

The investment of 20 million dollars (17 million euros) will see the premises of the Lion Tires Thailand (LTT) factory increase from 36,000 to 52,000 square meters in the industrial district of Bangpoo, near the current headquarters of LTT, a Vittoria said in a recent statement.

Scheduled to be operational by the end of 2022, the plant will employ 400 people and will double Vittoria’s production capacity “over the next few years,” the Italian manufacturer announced on September 23.

According to Vittoria, the new plant is designed with sustainability in mind and will be the “first carbon neutral plant in the bicycle tire industry”.

Among other measures, the site will use solar panels, smart climate control, organic and recycled materials, and electric hardening, to improve sustainability.

In addition to the production area, the new site will also host product testing and research units to develop technologies for “the most advanced bicycle tires,” said Vittoria.

Vittoria Group established a presence in Thailand in 1988 as part of the LTT and its operations in the country are currently spread over five units in Bangkok and Rayong.

The units include a graphene compounds research and production facility and a “single 4C extruder,” which Vittoria says is capable of fusing four compounds into a single bicycle tire tread.

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