The Day – Remembrance of Things Past: Mystic is not what it once was


For those of you who have lived in Mystic for a while, remember when you could go downtown and…

Get your oil changed; take your choice of two places to pick up Sunday papers, since the New London Evening Day did not publish on Sunday; sit at a counter and order a corned beef sandwich and a cup of coffee; go bowling; buy a new white shirt and tie; sharpen your ice skates; resole your shoes; buy a pound of nails and a sheet of plywood;

Get white gas for your Evinrude; buy candy for a dime; going to watch a movie; buy a notepad and charcoal pencils; get a prescription filled; buy Florsheim shoes; get a scout uniform; buy overalls; buy five and ten cent marbles; have curtains made; get white gloves for your Brownie for the Memorial Day Parade; wedge your bicycle tire in the space between the rail of the cart and the edge of the road; get your teeth cleaned; buy glasses; update your bank book; take your child to see Santa Claus; buy baseball cards (and throw away the gum); buy guitar strings;

Have your Christmas gifts wrapped at no additional cost; choose from a few different hair salons; test a new Chevrolet; have your radio or television repaired, then go next door to buy some Italian sausages; and find a place to park.

Robert F. Welt is a retired Groton Public Schools teacher who lives in Mystic.

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