SWM updates its 2022 model range with ABS and Euro5 compliance


Italian motorcycle brand SWM has refined its 2022 model range with changes to the brake system as well as engine mapping setups for Euro5 compliance. New-generation, beginner-friendly 125cc motorcycles are ditching the Combined Braking System (CBS) for 2021 in favor of a safer, more conventional ABS setup, similar to larger, more powerful machines.

A1 licensing regulations require motorcycles in this category to be fitted with ABS or CBS, the latter being much less common on large bikes. In addition, CBS offers no lockout protection during emergency braking. As such, the Italian automaker has gone for ABS, which is really better suited for its sporty beginner’s small bikes that consist of supermoto, enduro and scrambler offerings.

The SWM SM 125 R supermotard is now fitted with a new ABS configuration and retains its 15 horsepower 125cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine. Improvements to the powertrain have resulted in Euro 5 compliance, while subtle improvements to the bike’s characteristics give it a more premium look and feel. It now has new LED lights, a digital dashboard, and a USB charger, all for 4,549 euros ($ 5,276). Cyclists looking for a more conventional approach to bare biking will be best served by the SWM Varez 125, which uses the traditional bare biking style. It receives similar updates to the SM 125 R and is more affordable at 4,249 euros ($ 4,928)

SWM’s retro-style machines, the As of Spades and the Gran Milano Outlaw both share similar technology and performance to the SM 125 R and Varez 125, though presented in a hip neo-retro package. , friendly for Instagram. They both feature a raised twin muffler, round headlight, and conventional-style fuel tank for maximum retro energy. The only thing that separates the two is the tire choice – the Ace gets dual sport tires, while the Gran Milano gets street tires. To top it off, the two retro-style bikes are the cheapest of the bunch at just 4,049 euros ($ 4,696) each.

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