Why Harry Styles Tossed A Chicken Nugget Into The Crowd At A New York Concert

British musical artist Harry Styles is as famous for his music and non-binary fashion sense as he is for his seemingly effortless ability to keep his cool in any situation. Such was the case when Styles found a chicken nugget thrown on stage during his recent concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden, where he is currently playing 15 shows through September 21. Picking up the nugget from the stage, fans urged Styles to eat it but he refused, instead sending a powerful message to the sold-out crowd in the venue.

Animal rights activist Simone Reyes, originally from New York, was at the concert and shared a video of the incident on Instagram. “Who threw the chicken nugget?” Styles said in the video, prompting the crowd to sing for him to eat it. “I don’t eat chicken,” Styles replied. “Sorry, I don’t eat meat.” Styles reiterated that he doesn’t eat meat in Italian before tossing the nugget into the crowd.

After NYC, the Harry Styles: Love on Tour will continue to Austin, TX; Chicago, Ill.; Inglewood, California; before taking the musical artist to stops in Mexico, Australia and Europe, with a final concert on July 22, 2023 in Italy.

Is Harry Styles vegan?

Styles refused to eat the chicken nugget that was thrown at him on stage because the singer had abstained from meat for some time. He revealed this information during an interview with NPR after performing a Tiny Desk concert in April 2020. Styles sat down with host Stephen Thompson to discuss his favorite American football team, the Green Bay Packers of Wisconsin, prompting Styles to recount a visit to the team’s home. stadium, Lambeau Field.

The popular concession food at the stadium is called a “horse collar” which is basically a large sausage inside a bun shaped like a horseshoe. “Do you have a horse collar?” Thompson asked Styles. “I haven’t. I don’t eat meat,” Styles replied. “Yeah. No horse collar for me. Thompson pointed out that the stadium probably doesn’t offer a vegetarian horse collar, to which Styles replied, “Not in Wisconsin. There is no vegetarian horse collar, which is a shame. But it’s probably coming.

During that same interview, Styles said he was a “big fan” of dairy cheese, Wisconsin’s main agricultural product. Although Styles does not eat meat, he has not publicly announced whether or not he still consumes other animal products such as dairy, butter, eggs or honey. This means that it is unknown if Styles is in fact vegan.


Harry Styles Personal Style

Although Styles hasn’t confirmed he’s vegan, the musical artist has used his fame to help reduce animal suffering in a number of ways over the years. In 2015, during a concert with his band One Direction, Styles called for a protest against SeaWorld, pointing out the park’s continued cruelty of exploiting captive sea animals for entertainment.

Styles is also respectful of other artists’ lifestyles and at a 2018 gig he played a funny prank on his opening act Mabel McVey, who he knew was vegan. Styles made sure to find a vegan cream pie to playfully throw in McVey’s face during the final performance of their European tour before covering her in Silly String.

Last November, Styles also ventured into the world of beauty with vegan and cruelty-free brand Pleasing. Created to celebrate the beauty of all humans without hurting animals, Styles launched the brand with a set of nail polishes in shades meant to be layered and used to create art.

In addition to being vegan, all Pleasing products are packaged in recycled plastic and compostable paper, and are meant to celebrate the beautiful moments in life. Styles also launched an illuminating serum and The Pleasing Pen (a lip/under-eye rollerball pen) shortly after the nail polish collection. Since then, Styles has expanded the Pleasing brand to include additional nail polishes; beauty products such as moisturizers, toners, body oils; and clothing such as t-shirts, bandanas and hoodies.

“I don’t think looking beautiful or feeling beautiful is about looking good,” Styles Told Dizzy Last year. “When people are happy and radiant, they radiate. And that’s what I think the products do, it’s about helping you feel beautiful.”

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