This Italian-made electric bike could continue to ride up to 200 km

Italian company Noko has unveiled a trio of new electric bikes that it says can keep going for up to 200 km (or 124 miles). It’s not the biggest line of e-bikes (the WAU bike, for example, can go up to 215 miles with its extra power pack), but Noko’s bikes will also be exceptionally light, making them much more practical for daily trips and storage space.

While the WAU tilts the scales at 22 kg before clipping its battery, Noko says its new bikes will weigh just 14.8kg.

That would make them light for any electric bike, not to mention a long range bike. For context, our current top-rated bike, the Cowboy 4, has a maximum range of 43.5 miles and weighs between 18.9kg and 19.2kg. The lightest bike on our list, the Ribble Hybrid Al e, weighs just 13.1kg and has a maximum range of 60 miles.

A light touch

As Tips for electric bikes reports, the three models in the new range of Noko are the Forza, the Tempo and the Vulcano.

Just like the Cowboy 4, the Forza and Tempo are road bikes with a carbon drive belt rather than a chain (a convenient way to reduce maintenance). The Forza has a spanning frame, while the Tempo has a straddle. Both bikes start at € 3,990 (around $ 4,500 / £ 3,400 / AU $ 6,300).

Close up of the power button of the Noko Foza electric bike

(Image credit: Noko)

The Vulcano is a slightly more rugged case, with a drive chain and drop handlebars, not quite unlike the Ribble CGR Al E electric gravel bike. Its price starts at € 4,350 (around $ 4,900 / £ 3,700 / AU $ 6,900).

All bikes are available in a choice of colors and three sizes; a nice surprise because many e-bikes are only available with a single frame option which limits their accessibility. They are available for pre-order now for delivery next year.

Analysis: going the distance

So will Noko’s new bikes really continue for 200 km? Probably not – but that depends on the conditions and how you ride them.

In the United States, riders are sometimes disappointed to find that the maximum range shown is based on pedal assist and is much shorter than what can be achieved using the accelerator alone. Due to EU e-bike laws, the Forza, Tempo, and Vulcano will not have throttles and their motors will only engage while you pedal. If you work harder on your own and use the lower of the five assist settings, you’ll gain more autonomy.

Environmental factors are also important, and the high end will only be ideal conditions achievable. Factors like road conditions, wind, the combined weight of you and your luggage, and even your clothing choices can all impact real-world performance.

You will also need to keep the tires under optimum pressure; punctures mean more resistance on the road, which can easily be missed as the engine compensates for the drop in efficiency.

However, unless a manufacturer goes out of its way to make it clear that their numbers are based on actual performance (such as Juice bikes fact), these same limitations will still apply. Even if you can’t keep riding for 200 km on one of Noko’s new bikes, the range should still be much better than others in the same weight class.

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