The web is a means of promotion for Italian companies operating abroad

The two companies Pantaleo Spa and Pantaleo Agricoltura Srl will be present at Cibus 2022, the major international trade fair dedicated to Italian agri-food, scheduled from May 3 to 6 at the Parma Exhibition Center.

“We will be presenting the new range of Luisa Pantaleo branded ready-to-use organic sauces, available in Mediterranean flavors, such as oregano, basil, eggplant, olives and capers, artichoke and all’arrabbiata, in a 290 gram format. With the exception of the organic spices, all the raw material used is of our own production. A few hours after harvesting, we transform the fresh vegetables into colorful and tasty preserves, among which jams , pestos, vegetables preserved in oil and vinegar,” explains the owner of both companies, Luisa Pantaleo.

“My family has been marketing Puglia olive oil for four generations. I chose to embrace the family tradition by becoming an agronomist. The expansion of the facilities and the conversion of the land to organic farming began in 2008, with the creation of Pantaleo Agricoltura in pursuit of the dream of giving new life to local agriculture, favoring sustainable production in short circuits and the protection of local biodiversity.”

The company recently finished transplanting the tomatoes. About 150,000 plants of Pomodoro Regina and Pomodoro Penny, a hybrid with an early cycle and characterized by very high fertility. There are two ranges of tomato puree preserved in glass, the one produced with Regina tomatoes is a specialty already presidium Slow Food and available in three sizes: 320, 540 and 700 grams.

“The 100% Regina tomato-based puree has its own territorial peculiarity, since it comes from an area where the sea is the mark of differentiation. Regina tomato crops are typical of the coastal dune park between Torre Canne (BR) and San Leonardo (BR) It is a product characterized by natural sapidity, as it is irrigated with brackish water and supported by a specific technical production discipline. These are traditional vegetables, on which there is no drop in consumption, on the contrary. Since last Christmas, a strong recovery has gradually taken place, because these are products that benefit from a controlled sector. The fair price/quality ratio recognized by consumers is boosting sales, especially in this phase. of rising inflation.

The line of branded processed products is sold through the online channel, in specialty stores and on food tours in France and the United States.

The company operates in accordance with the Farm to Fork Green Strategy, the ten-year plan developed by the European Commission to guide the transition to a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system. With this in mind, the company created the Agro Bistro in 2019 to help customers discover the world of organic farming, from fresh to processed products.

“For small and medium-sized companies that manufacture products that are carefully handled at each stage of the supply chain, there is a lot of interest, especially abroad. Working with foreign markets allows us to carry out sales planning more rational than in Italy, also because niche products are all the more valued because they are little known Sales abroad are also growing because, especially after the pandemic, web channels have activated new promotional mechanisms, such as the possibility to participate in online fairs, in the presence of a professional public and foreign buyers.Finally, to make small production companies known abroad, there are also useful promotional activities developed by important marketplaces, some of which also allow B2B sales,” concluded Luisa Pantaleo.

The Pantaleo Group corporate team will be present at Cibus – Hall 05 – Stand G 052.

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