Six By Nico southside: Our take on the beautiful and diverse menu of the Amalfi Coast


In the midst of the lockdown, we’re sure dozens of Glasgow will have had Six By Nico at the top of their list of restaurants to return to when things open again.

While they have successfully implemented their Home by Nico home catering offering as hospitality as we know it has been forced to close, we are delighted that Six By Nico and similar gourmet restaurants are able to welcome us. again to present the culinary art and theater for which they have built their reputation.

Nico’s latest menu aims to take us to the Amalfi Coast and recreate the much revered gastronomy of the Italian region. An area known for its spectacular seafood offering and pantries bursting with fresh produce, we headed to Six By Nico Southside to find out just how far this latest six-course menu travels from Italy to Glasgow.

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Where is he and how is he?

While the majority of Glasgow people are probably more familiar with Six By Nico’s flagship restaurant in Finnieston, we recommend visiting their restaurant on the south side if you haven’t had the chance yet. Part of a charming row of restaurants in Pollokshields, the Nithsdale Road space has both character and style, as you would expect from a Six By Nico location.

What is on the menu?

For those who are not yet familiar with the Six By Nico concept, this is a six-course tasting menu, renewed every six weeks with a new, different theme.

On Cooking Amalfi Coast’s menu, the Parmesan polenta with artichoke, chanterelle and lardo di colonnata was rich, creamy and flavorful and set the tone for the rest of the meal.

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Then, burrata with heirloom tomato, green olive, salted lemon and lovage. Without doubt the star of the show, an Italian classic with a lovely salty kick, terrific texture and a combination of ingredients that takes you straight to this seaside tavern overlooking the Mediterranean.

The third course – squid ink vongole spaghetti with clams, mussels, chili, garlic, shellfish foam and herb powder. This attractive dish was not just about style with its meticulously prepared presentation, but it also had substance. Fresh and light, spicy and sweet, the pasta was cooked to perfection. Once again, transporting you to the Amalfi Coast, just as Nico and his team had planned. Another highlight.

Six by Nico Amalfi Coast
The sea bass dish is the fourth dish on the Amalfi Coast menu

Then it was the turn of the sea bass fillet with tapenade, roasted peppers, zucchini and basil puree, braised fennel and lovage vinaigrette. A well-balanced dish – again perfectly cooked – with the mashed basil featured.

After the two fish dishes, a new dynamism was added to the menu with a meat dish – pork tenderloin, spicy n’duja belly with smoked onion and summer squash. The spicy n’duja pork belly melted in your mouth and the smoked onion and summer squash combined to provide a wonderful salty and sweet contrast.

And for dessert, the final dish, delizia al limone, was a work of art – the lemon mousseline, almond sponge cake, caramelized white chocolate, yogurt and meringue were unsurprisingly more tasty. Light and chewy, with just the right amount of citrus, the baked meringue and white chocolate provided a flamboyant finish to a great meal.

Six by Nico Amalfi Coast
Delizia al limone dessert was a wonderful way to end the meal

How much does it cost?

For the six-course tasting menu, it’s £ 32. If you want to taste wines to match your dishes, the price is an additional £ 26.

As for the Nico’s Argyle Street venue in Finnieston, a vegetarian tasting menu – which you can see here – is also available.

The verdict

The six well-thought-out and diverse courses offered a nice array of flavors, showcasing high-quality cuisine and culinary art in terms of presentation, as is the norm with Six By Nico.

The versatility was also reflected in the food and wine pairings – taking you to Italy, France and New Zealand with reds, whites and pinks – which we highly recommend you opt for, adding to the experience. overall culinary and theater.

Of course, there can always be the impression with gastronomy that the small plate menus are not so filling, but we were suitably stuffed by the time we finished this delicious dessert.

And when you consider that in addition to the top notch service – the staff were both attentive and very knowledgeable about the food and drinks they served – and a comfortable and welcoming setting in the south of Glasgow, it is difficult to label the Amalfi Coast menu we had at this Six By Nico as anything but a big hit. Nico’s goal is to transport you to this sunny, family-friendly cliffside restaurant on the Amalfi Coast and, with the seafood dishes in particular, he and his talented team have certainly pulled it off.

Six By Nico Southside, 142 Nithsdale Road, G41 5RB, 0141 384 2801,

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