Paul Lammers is the new COO



Nestlé has chosen Paul Lammers as the new head of operations Italy and Malta, with the important task of coordinating the activities of the Group’s production plants in Italy and ensuring excellence at all stages of the production chain, from sourcing to distribution . Lammers started his experience at Nestlé in 2000 in Germany, first occupying the position of Regional Supply Chain Manager Petcare and, later, Supply Chain Director, acquiring a great knowledge of Operations and management of distributors and logistics flows. complex.

In 2013, the Group entrusted him with the function of Head of Supply Chain Poland, and on the strength of his solid expertise in 2017, he was appointed Head of Supply Chain Emena, overseeing the distribution chain for the European and Middle Eastern markets. and the North. Africa zone. During his career, he created new business opportunities for the Group and implemented development and innovation plans that ensured organizational improvement throughout the distribution cycle. Its strategic vision and the consolidated experience acquired in the field have enabled the birth of significant solutions, such as the Market Supply Planning of the above-market category which has ensured better planning in the different countries and Transport Hubs, that serve more markets.

In his new role, Lammers will lead a team of more than 100 professionals, helping to support the important commitments announced by the Group in the field of nutritional quality and sustainability such as, for example, the achievement of 100% recyclable packaging. or reusable by 2025. and halving Co2 emissions by 2030, to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Paul Lammers is fluent in Italian, and before joining Nestlé, he worked for a few years in our country for a pet food business. It takes over from Marco Toppano, chosen by the Group for the position of Operations Manager for the Emena Confectionery Zone.


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