Fun traffic report warns of long delays in the car … or in the six-minute cycle; Eat salad … with a tire iron + more on the live blog



As far as traffic reports go, this one is quite entertaining. This is without a doubt one of the best things about cycling around. That moment when you slide down an empty cycle lane past the queue of stationary road users … normally a few moments later a car door opens or someone walks out on you and you are quickly brought back to reality … but it’s awesome while it lasts!

LiveDrive, a live traffic service for Dublin, broke the terrible news last night that anyone leaving work at 5 a.m. and heading for the North Circular was about to make a long journey. It was, they grimly reported, “the busiest we’ve seen in a long, long time” … “Even before the lockdown, it would be an important day.” And then for the punchline … “Expect significant delays in the car, or a six-minute cycle” …

By far my favorite answer was the person asking if these drive cycle updates were new … that was until I realized Brian O’Doherty wasn’t a disgruntled driver that these pesky cyclists were taken care of, but in fact an impressed the pesky cyclist himself …

Turns out DriveLive has been doing them since before the pandemic, and there was a bit of a theme in the responses …


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