Delta Police records around Tsawwassen & Ladner last week

The purpose of Crime Beat is to educate and inform the public about some of the property crime trends occurring in the South Delta and other issues of interest. If you see something happening that you think is suspicious, call 911 for ongoing crimes and emergencies or 604-946-4411 for other assistance.


*Seven. 26, 1100 Block of 56e Street: The complainant said he received an alert that a package had been delivered to the lobby of his building, but when he went to pick up the package, he was not there. The package contained two hard drives worth $570. It is not known how the suspect gained access to the building and no surveillance video is available. The complainant received a file number so that the seller could proceed with a complaint.

*Seven. 27, 5000 Block of Canoe Pass Way: A business reported that a woman stole two bottles of a $50 beauty product. The woman is described as Caucasian, 5’7″, slim, pink hair, wearing a black baseball cap with a red “A” on the front. The suspect had attempted to purchase the items at the self-checkout machine, but when her debit card was declined, she fled the store without payment. Still images of the suspect will be released for possible identification.

*Seven. 27, block 1300 of the street 53A: The Complainant reported that someone entered their unlocked garage and stole various items including tools and two bicycles. The bikes are described as a black MEC mountain bike worth $1,100 and a black Italian model Fixie with a missing pedal and flat tires worth $2,500. Case closed pending receipt of serial numbers.

*Oct. 1, 5000 block of Canoe Pass Way: A business reported that two men entered the store and grabbed six handbags worth $480 each and rushed out of the store. The police intervened, but the suspects were not located. Surveillance video provided to police showed two possible male suspects paired with a white Infinity coupe.

*Oct. 2, HQ 4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent: The plaintiff said he sent $2,900 in prepaid visas to an email address he believed to be that of his church pastor. The complainant realized that he had been the victim of fraud when the pastor informed him that his computer had been hacked. Three transactions were made on the complainant’s Visa card in three days and the bank is investigating the disputed charges.


*Seven. 30, block 4600 of the street 47A: The complainant reported that his truck, parked in front of his residence, had the lock and the ignition of the driver’s side door cut off during the night. Items stolen include a pair of chainsaw safety pants and a hoodie. Nothing for the identification services because the complainant had passed through the vehicle. The neighborhood web was negative for locating possible suspects. File number provided for insurance purposes.

*Seven. 30, block 4900 of the central avenue: Complainant’s report that their vehicle appeared to have been broken into and searched the night before. The complainant advised that nothing was stolen and that he was reporting for information purposes as other similar incidents were occurring in the area.

*Seven. 30, block 4900 of the central avenue: The Complainant reported that his vehicle was entered during the night and searched everywhere. Nothing seemed to have been stolen. Surveillance video showed a man walking through the residential compound and exiting another vehicle nearby. Incident possibly linked to other auto thefts in the region.

*Oct. 1, 5700 block from Ladner Trunk Road: The complainant reported that a family member took his bike to a local fast food restaurant and left it outside for 20 minutes and when he returned the bike was missing. The $1,500 bike is described as a green 21-speed Cannondale mountain bike. The restaurant providing surveillance video and a description of the bike was listed at the Canadian Police Information Center as stolen.

*Oct. 2, HQ 4455 Clarence Taylor Crescent: The complainant indicated that over the past three days he had received several phone calls from strangers convincing them to provide all of their credit card, driver’s license and banking information. The complainant said he had canceled all credit cards, but was told by the bank that a $1,100 fee had been charged to a spa in Italy. The bank informed the complainant that it would not be responsible for any charges and requested a police file number. The complainant informed Equifax of the fraud.

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