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Ares Design wants to do for bicycles what it does for cars.

The Italian firm has just unveiled its first fully electric bicycle, the Bici LE Super Lèggerà. It’s a magnificent piece of engineering, as you would expect from the brand, but even more intriguing is the company’s claim that it is the lightest electric bike in the world with only 19.8 lbs.

Electric bikes have grown in popularity since the start of the pandemic and it’s easy to see why – they’re much more powerful than a traditional two-wheeler. A bicycle with an electric motor can reach its destination faster and help you through the more strenuous parts of your journey. But there is a very big downside to these motors: they are heavy. Due to its motor and other high-tech features, the average e-bike tips the scale from 38 to 70 pounds (although road bikes can drop as much as 26 pounds). These aren’t the kinds of things you’re going to want to lug around a staircase or six.

Ares Design Bici LE Super Lèggerà

Design of Arès

Ares’ bike, which was built in collaboration with High Performance Systems (HPS), however weighs a fraction of that. The main reason for this is an ultra-compact, lightweight drivetrain – consisting of a motor, battery, and electronic control unit – which is still powerful enough to deliver 200 watts of “invisible assist,” according to the company. company. (Sadly, no other performance specs have been made available.) Combine the system with a carbon fiber frame and you end up with a bike that somehow weighs under 20 pounds. It is an incredible achievement.

Ares Design Bici LE Super Lèggerà

It is almost impossible to spot its electric motor

Design of Arès

As impressive as the bike’s weight is, it’s also a real beauty, just as you’d expect from the store responsible for the supercar Panther ProgettoUno and S1 Project. It looks like a regular road bike and with the exception of a small amount of bulb where the saddle and down tubes meet, you’d never know it has an electric motor. It also features aero-style handlebars wrapped in beige leather grips and a matching leather seat, and is finished in a vintage cream color.

The striking look of the Bici LE Super Lèggerà isn’t the only thing it shares with Ares custom cars. It also has an exorbitant price tag of € 18,950, or roughly $ 22,210. If that’s not enough to put you off, you’ll want to contact Ares right away, as the company plans to build just 24 examples as part of its production.


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