Will Max Verstappen crash into Lewis Hamilton again to win the F1 title?

The stage is set for one of the tense finals of this year’s F1 Drivers’ Championship which takes place in Abu Dhabi this weekend, that is, on Sunday 12 December. Before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are tied. points after the reigning world champion won the inaugural Saudi Arabian GP, ​​but Max Verstappen has the advantage thanks to his nine wins to eight.

With the stakes really being, the question remains what strategy Max Verstappen will apply to end Lewis Hamilton’s domination.

Will Max Verstappen crash into Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had already been involved in a collision during the Italian GP without the two drivers suffering serious damage. At the Italian GP at Monza, the two drivers collided on the 26th lap of the race. Lewis Hamilton came out of the pit lane, after his slow pit stop and rejoined the track, behind McLaren’s Lando Norris and in a wheel-to-wheel battle with Max Verstappen. As they approached Turn 2, Verstappen was forced to pull aside by Hamilton after finding no space outside the line. This collided their rear wheels and threw Verstappen’s Red Bull over Hamilton’s Mercedes.

F1 title at stake Max Verstappen will do everything in his power to deny Lewis Hamilton a chance to win the race and take home the trophy. However, the question remains as to what tactics the Dutch driver will use to prevent Lewis Hamilton from keeping the F1 title to himself. Ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Red Bull team manager Christian Horner spoke about Verstappen’s chances of winning the title.

In an interview with Motorsports.com, Christian Horner was asked about winning the F1 title to which he replied: “Yes, of course we do. You want to win on the track, not in a stewardess room , not in a gravel pit. You want to win it. It has been a tough fight throughout the year. There have been some fantastic races between these two riders and I hope it will be a fair and clean race. in Abu Dhabi.

Verstappen vs. Hamilton

Coming from the Verstappen v Hamilton rivalry, Verstappen holds the advantage while winning 9 races with Hamilton and could win 8. Verstappen did not finish the race three times, while Hamilton did not finish the race once. . However, the defending champion lost ground in the aftermath of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix where he failed to finish in points. However, it has come back in full force and is on the verge of making history.

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