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Tricks to Finance Home Renovations

When summer comes, many think of vacations, but others understand the days of business in terms of home renovations. Yes, the summer period arrives and while some throw to the beach, others decide to roll up their shirts and undertake the works that they have been dreaming for so long for their home: the new bathroom tiles, a renovation of the toilets, modernizing the kitchen …

The truth is that if we dare to reform the house during the summer we also cause less discomfort to the neighbors who are usually on vacation. In short, this is the time to condition our home and you don’t have to go around the bush. To make matters worse, the reform will revalue our home and make us earn money if we are weighing its sale in a short or medium term.

Thus, if this is our objective, in addition to being aware of the need to apply for a building permit, we are interested to know that we can obtain certain deductions or aid just to reform our house.

Therefore, from our comparator of urgent loans we have proposed that the reform be as modest as possible, so read this article carefully and then tell us if it has served to reduce the bill of the reform.

Grants from the Ministry of Development

finance home

The Ministry of Development has put into circulation aids to rehabilitate a private home that can reach about 30 to 35% of the work.

However, although these grants have been approved at the state level, their management and concession is the responsibility of the different Autonomous Communities and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla. Therefore, those who are interested in your application should go to the corresponding counseling or housing department.

But we can already advance some of the conditions for its concession. Not surprisingly, in the case of natural persons, family income should not exceed 2,289 euros per month. Regarding the case of the communities, it is essential that at least 60% of the neighbors have family income that does not exceed 3,598.65 euros per month.

The truth is that the aforementioned State Housing Plan has the days counted, since it was approved in 2013 and its validity ends this 2016. Therefore, it is better that you do not sleep on the laurels and take advantage of the summer -and the subsidy- for the set up of your home.

Renovation plans for fixed elements of the house

Renovation plans for fixed elements of the house

There are also aids aimed at replacing old appliances such as boilers with new ones. In this sense, there are laws that contemplate subsidies in communities such as Madrid or Valencia. In the latter case, for example, the aid is intended for the owners, usufructuaries or tenants of a home located in the Valencian Community.

The objective of the measure is to facilitate the renovation of the current heating boilers and replace them with other condensation boilers in homes in the Valencian Community. In fact, the use of the latter implies lower energy consumption and, therefore, helps reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. The beneficiary can get about 300 euros of help.

An urgent quick loan for reform

An urgent quick loan for reform

If still, it turns out that you are late to the processing of these aids or for any other reason you cannot access them, do not worry because in Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker we know an infinite number of ways to obtain financing for the reform of your house.

Not surprisingly, fast loans have become a fairly frequent channel to channel the liquidity we need to cover a small home renovation.

Although it is true that you may need a larger amount to get by. If so, you can try the personal loans granted by Abanca -up to 50,000 euros-, Currency -up to 4,000- or Bigbank -up to 10,000 euros maximum-. Check them all and do not leave even one in the inkwell.

Websites to request budget for reforms

budget for reforms

Another of the tricks that can help you get a tighter budget, although always as far as possible and without sacrificing quality, are websites specially designed to find professionals interested in carrying out the reform of our home.

In this sense, they swarm websites like Mabitissimo, Bouzz or Plan Reforma where you can both get inspired and take ideas for your home, such as requesting quotes from professionals in the sector.

You only have to explain what you have in mind for your home and the experts will contact you to offer you a budget, in addition to some samples of work that will help you – or not – to opt for them.

For more inri, these websites offer a channel of inspiration and finding of new ideas that are not negligible that we can incorporate into our reform. Therefore, do not forget to review your blog, as well as the various projects that professionals and individuals registered on the platform have posted to the delight of users.

We guarantee that you will get juice from each of your photos and your reform will be up to the posture decoration magazines.


finance home

In short, everything suggested surely helps you in the arduous task of renovating your home this summer that we already have at your doorstep. Of course, all are excellent ways to achieve not only the financing you lack, but also a trick to get the best budget from the best professionals.

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