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In everyday life, there may be restrictions as well as situations in which a transfer without an own account is necessary or the own account should not be used intentionally. Meanwhile, it is not only normal, but a matter of course, to transfer the salary to a checking account. In Germany, there are many people without their own checking account. In this group of people, the cash transfer without an account is used as an alternative to the transfer from the current account. The invoices are then transferred by cash payment directly to the account of the recipient.

Bank transfers without account?

Bank transfers without account?

Hello, a current account is needed for bank transfers. You are under 18 years old and only your legal guardians are allowed to set up the account. In addition, your legal guardians are also admitted until the age of 18. I recommend that you inform them before making any account transactions. As an alternative, passengers can usually pay their tickets in cash at the appropriate transport companies.

Is it possible to pay without an account?

Is it possible to pay without an account?

In everyday life, there may be restrictions as well as cases in which a transfer without an own account is required or the own account is not intentionally exploited. The bank literally controls the deposit-free account, the so-called P-account. The holder of the account can be provided free of charge with the non-disturbed credit.

It is possible to make cash contributions to an external account at the headquarters, branches and branches of local branches and savings banks. The fee for this service moves very quickly in the single-digit euro range and varies from bank to bank. A worldwide cash transfer system is offered by the US company Western Union, headquartered in Greenwood Valley, Colorado.

The cash deposit and collection can take place in the Federal Republic at large and large railway stations of the travel bank or with the German post office AG with WestLB. The cost of the transfer depends on the sum of the transfer amount. The deposited cash is deposited in the payment system and can now be collected anywhere in the world at West Bank.

Deposits, SMS notification of the amount by mail (MTCN) and the later collection of the transfer amount can be done in a few moments. The payer usually has such a valid reason for a transfer without own account that the amount of the transfer costs exceeds this. Once this choice has been made, it should be checked whether both parties can use the product offered.

Without a current account is this possible?

Without a current account is this possible?

Maybe he has already worked diligently and will start learning next year? You work only since you are 15 years old? I can hear the skepticism of Dr. Ing. Just to emphasize Simon Smith’s private banking system and quote: “It takes less criminal energy to rob a house bank than to build one.

I fought at the age of 27 for 12 years and made a lot of money. You lazy socks have no idea what you want to learn. Apart from what I have already said here, the costs charged by my bank (Sparkasse) disturb me enormously. In addition, I pay for the administration, for direct debits / transfers, but the amount is bad, which I may “recently” also deposit into my account?

Now comes the switch to online banking, to which I feel obligated, if I continue to make bank transfers or receive statements, I can now pay again, or I buy the TAN device and perform online banking. Until recently, I had an account with the National Bank (Nassauische Sparkasse), which I had no monthly account maintenance fees.

Although I moved from Hessisch to North Rhine-Westphalia, but I have retained my account, because the account I mentioned only in North Rhine-Westphalia and not in North Rhine-Westphalia (both savings banks) was available. The Account Manager could not do this because of his powers and I have arranged a meeting with the boss. If you have a salary of 3000 euros per month “you do not have to pay any contributions, but the poor minimum earner is first forced by his client to specify a bank account.

Then the house bank forces him to pay a small monthly amount. This is not enough to entrust the income of the house bank, no, you can also spend something in return. They work with capital and still make a profit. Interestingly in passing: I got a tip from the head of the bank, but “to go to another savings bank,” to my objection that this is not customer-friendliness and the real concern should be to keep the borrower, she has been silent.

“Only if societies are not inclined to collective rethinking can a” social isolation “and a social appearance be achieved without a current account. Do you trust my cash to those who risk the business and maybe gambling ?! Pay to have my cash at the cash register ?! If I have my cash in a safe place like in the safe deposit box, it is fine to hand over the cash at the house bank, and with that the whole power over the cash is certainly reversed.

In addition, the account and the credit card payment serve the country to completely control us. Account okay, use for every feces, no thanks. Once a year and continue to pay cash. It is not the account that is the main problem. That it is in a * bank *. Because the banks are about crime * defined *.

It’s no different if you work on it without any work (free of thieves)! The most important thing is not to do it like Beiersdorf does, who invents something out of nothing and puts a lot less (the “miners”) in their hands. All-in-one account app on your mobile phone, with security on the single-board home server and high quality.

A living without a checking account would not go with me, my former client insisted on an account that runs under my own company name. The “Account for everyone” is a good thing in principle, but its implementation is in need of improvement.

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