Sustainability and “Made in Italy” technology are the driving force behind the success of the coloring service

Ms. Toschi Stefania, President, Color Service

In 1987, Color Service was the first company to introduce automatic dosing systems for dyes to the market, changing the approach of the textile market towards automation.

Color Service, a leading Italian company, can proudly look back over 35 years of history to see how the face of the company has evolved into a globally recognized identity for its leadership role in automatic dosing systems. for powder and liquid products. As a result, Color Service has won the trust of more than 3,000 customers and provided them with various solutions to solve problems related to manual product weighing. With its global presence, the company helps customers master the entire systems lifecycle, including assistance in selecting the right equipment, design assistance, installation and service. after-sales.

In 1987, Color Service was the first company to introduce automatic dosing systems for dyes to the market, changing the approach of the textile market towards automation. Thanks to high-speed irrigation screws and a unique scraper, the TRS scale automatically weighs all kinds of colorants in powder or granular form, achieving remarkable accuracy with small weighing parameters. This device is integrated with a variety of automatic dissolution systems which, depending on the dissolution parameters and the quantity to feed the dyeing machines, dissolve the dosed formula and deliver it to the destinations specified by the customer.

In addition, Color Service manufactures dosing and dissolving units for powdered chemicals such as salt, soda and sodium, preparing the solution without changing the appropriate liquor ratio, as well as gravimetric and automatic dosing systems. volumetric for liquid chemicals and auxiliaries. These systems combine the speed of volumetric measurement with the precision of gravimetric dosing. In the textile sector, laboratory dyeing is essential to simulate the real dyeing production process. A wide range of laboratory equipment is designed and supplied by Color Service which includes automatic dye batch and solution makers, volumetric solution dosing systems with pipette and automatic dye and chemical dispensers for small machines.

High references

All Color Service dispensing systems are capable of achieving greater dosing accuracy, recipe reproducibility and high production speed that allow the production process to be repeatable around the clock with reliability, enabling production ” Nothing wrong”. As a result, human intervention is minimized and risk factors are essentially eliminated. All system processes are tracked and monitored automatically and data is captured in software designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. “The majority of our innovations have been geared towards environmental sustainability and Industry 4.0 regulations. The increase in productivity and product quality, as well as the significant improvement of the working conditions of the employees as well as the massive energy savings represent the main advantages of our automation”, emphasizes the management.

The completely closed and vacuumed system guarantees total control of the dust released during the weighing and vacuuming of the product which is recovered and reintroduced into the production cycle, with obvious ecological and economic advantages. Indeed, one of the main priorities of the company’s technologies is to significantly minimize environmental and ecological risks by limiting energy and water consumption, reducing pollution and reducing material waste in order to create a durable finished product for its customers. With these assets in hand, the company recorded a significant increase in order intake in 2022 with a 40% increase compared to 2021 – an achievement for “Made in Italy” technology.

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