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After three memorable days in Venice, Benetti is paving the way towards a more sustainable future…

Venice is not just one thing, as the host of the extravagant gala evening on the second night of the Benetti Yacht Master Night announced to us. Likewise, the event was about much more than the legendary host city. Venice celebrated the 1600th anniversary of its founding on March 25, 2022, coinciding with the final day of the Benetti Yacht Master, with the Sinking City proving the perfect backdrop for a lively event from the team of Benetti. Riding the dragon boat on the canals and being front row for the famous Venetian carnival spectacle was unforgettable, but the event was not limited to the festivities; he provided a fascinating insight into the growth and vision of the Italian superyacht manufacturing giant. In a preview of the SuperyachtNews coverage of the event, we examine the central themes of the Benetti Yacht Master 2022.

The Benetti Yacht Master was also a return to in-person interaction after a digital-only iteration in 2021. For three days, the world’s largest yacht manufacturer (by metric) set out its vision for continued growth on a fast-paced market, and how it approaches its fleet operators. The high number of Benetti captains, crew and managers in attendance supported some of the most important figures regarding the growing Benetti fleet described on the first morning; With Sebastiano Fanizza, Benetti Yachts COO, informing the public that Benetti delivered 26,207 total gross tons and 2005 meters of LOA, worth more than €1.1 billion, in 2021 alone.

Marc Vallee, Azimut Benetti Group The CEO was quick to point out that while Benetti produces the boats, that’s only part of the story; how they are used and maintained is of vital importance, and why, in his words, they invest so much in this area. The central topic covered in detail was the issue of sustainability and environmental compliance. After a few events, you can numb yourself to the subject, despite the seriousness of the situation we all find ourselves in. The problems seem insurmountable, difficult to disentangle and quantify, let alone solve, and the vague promises and assertions seem unsatisfactory. But the 2022 Benetti Yacht Master was different from where I sat. Discussions of the shortcomings of different hydrogen storage solutions and the potential of others, such as methanol, as well as assessments from key players such as battery suppliers, were detailed and unflinching.

Giovanna Vitelli, vice-president of Azimut Benetti Group succinctly stated that Benetti does not see all-electric as the answer at present, and their goal is to provide the best hybrid electric solutions. It was refreshing to hear Benetti’s candid assessments, as well as seeing the full supply chain of suppliers and representatives they hope to help achieve their goals, given center stage.

Michael Amato, Business Development Manager at Lusben Refit and Repair

Many of the discussions following the event focused on the ancillary technology developments that will underpin At Benetti’s the transition to a sustainable production cycle, the expanding refit potential at Lusben Refit and Repair, and next-generation technology and fuels. While presenting a clearly biased point of view, it was fascinating to trace this trajectory through Benetti’s lens. In a series of upcoming articles, SuperyachtNews will further examine and assess the lessons that the Benetti approach can teach the wider industry as we collectively try to transition to a sustainable future.

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