SUPER73 pays tribute to Ducati Corse with this unique creation

There’s something about the gold forks and that distinct Ducati red that catches the eye.

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Electric bike industry leader SUPER73 pays tribute to the Italian racing titan Ducati with this unique tribute creation, taking inspiration from the Ducati Corse racing team.

SUPER73 is an adventure and lifestyle brand that fuses motorcycling heritage and youth culture. Founded in 2016 in Southern California and now with its European operations based in Amsterdam. SUPER73 has led the way in inventing a new approach to help redefine the electric motorcycle industry. With an emphasis on thoughtful design, responsible manufacturing techniques and local community engagement, the brand continually strives to grow and become a true industry leader.

Ducati Corse, the racing arm of the Italian motorcycle company, has competed in MotoGP and the Superbike World Championship since 1999, winning multiple titles in each. The team has always been a dominant force in motorcycle racing with some of the most successful riders in history, including Valentino Rossi in 2011. Having competed at the highest level for over twenty years, Ducati Corse has one of the richest stories in two-wheel racing. , creating a bike that pays homage to such an exceptional team.

Designed to pay homage to a name that has set the standard for motorcycle racing since 1926. Italian racing ruled the rest and Ducati Corse drove it. As such, SUPER73 has created a tribute to the legendary bikes that blazed the trail and burned rubber in the name of racing for racing. A company steeped in tradition in a race-obsessed nation has attracted the best and inspired generations of bike enthusiasts, from pedals to pegs and everything in between.

The color scheme draws heavily from the classic racing red that has become synonymous with Corsica and has graced tracks around the world. In keeping with the racing feel, Magura MT5 four-piston brakes have been incorporated to ensure a safe and secure ride with 203mm in the front and 180mm in the rear, along with our own Blain handlebars and Trooper tyres. On the steering wheel you will see a reimagined version of the classic Ducati logo, a modern SUPER73 version. A polished and brushed finish has been given to the front forks prior to anodizing to mimic the iconic Kashima coating and enhance the racing feel of the bike. The chainring bolts, pedals, front fork, single-speed conversion kit all jump off the bike with gold paint, standing proudly on the dark red body. The anti-slip fabric with delicate red piping on the seat catches the eye while allowing you to fully appreciate this creation in all its splendour.

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