Suggestions for improving Chicago from Axios readers

We wished Chicago a happy 185th birthday last Friday by sharing our gift ideas for the city. Next, we asked for some of yours.

  • Once again, you have delivered some wacky and wonderful ideas.

😋 Paul E: “I would buy a lot more good classic Jewish delis in Chicago.”

🚲Jerry C: “A partnership with Goodyear to test rubber streets that would provide rebound in the event of a cyclist falling. And complete elimination of potholes.”

✌ R brand: “A new mayor. Seriously: end the gun violence, please.”

🚦Mario G: “A left turn arrow on Chicago Ave. eastbound to turn onto Halsted.”

🌳 Karen R: “More trees, dangerous tree removal for low-income homeowners, a tree protection ordinance, public restrooms in more parks, a bottle and can deposit bill, and district commissioners of elected, unappointed parks.”

💸 Joe G: “Lower property taxes.”

🚉 Micheline M: “One L station east of Michigan Avenue” near Navy Pier.

🥶Mike M: “A device that prevents the air temperature from falling below 10 degrees.”

🚸 Matt R: “Properly timed brake lights, plus as many left turn signals as traffic patterns allow… Then I would sit back and enjoy the smoother traffic throughout this wonderful city.”

🚨 Terri M: “All the resources to make it a safe city… It’s a beautiful, world-class city with a lot to offer, but crime has taken a toll on people wanting to spend time and money visiting.

🎣 Lisa K: “A shortcut in the space-time continuum so that seafood and fresh saltwater shellfish from the coast can be available here.”

🅿 Chad A: “Progressive leadership willing to use political capital, main streets where cars can park when there is no snow, and parking on the opposite side to have better clear streets when there is snow… Creative and expanded public transport.

🌭Caleb M: “Subsidize the extension of all Italian hot dogs and beef in town by at least two inches.”

  • “Citywide ketchup ban, effective immediately.”
  • “Add a second Cloud Gate to reduce traffic near Randolph and Michigan.”
  • “Allocate 20% of the city’s budget to monopolize search engine results for ‘Troubles with Chicago’ with images of Pete Wentz.”

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