Stunning Merseyside streets that will take your breath away

Merseyside has many streets full of charm, character and stunning scenery.

You might be thinking of looking for a place to live, a place to socialize with friends, or you might be new to the area – there are plenty of streets you can walk down. With so much to offer, the list of the most breathtaking streets could go on forever.

There are some, however, that stand out, whether for its architecture, its endless murals, its social scene or its beautiful houses. In December 2019, we’ve rounded up 14 of Merseyside’s coolest streets.

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Looking at the rest of Merseyside there are some very hip streets with heaps to add to the list. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.

Victoria Road

Victoria Road, New Brighton.

A Merseyside regeneration project has seen the New Brighton area undergo huge changes.

Quirky new bars, restaurants and shops now fill the alternative high street, Victoria Road, which is set back from New Brighton’s main seafront thoroughfare. There are still more bars and restaurants due to open as the changes continue.

The area was New Brighton’s original main street and its renovation even includes the street art that adorns many of the area’s vintage roadside buildings.

Mason Street

Woolton Cinema House.(Pic Andrew Teebay).
Woolton Picture House announced to reopen in 2022

Home to the beloved Woolton Picture House, the city’s only single-screen cinema which is the subject of a campaign to save the historic cinema, Mason Street is a great visit if you’re looking for a bit of history.

Woolton Village as a whole has plenty to offer including the Liverpool Cheese Company, pubs, restaurants and even farmers markets. Mason Street, with its charming terraced houses, however, steals the show.

Port Sunlight Village

Port Sunlight Village, Wirral.
Port Sunlight Village, Wirral. Photo by Colin Lane

A quaint, sleepy village that wouldn’t look out of place in a historical film – every street deserves a spot on this list.

Villagers’ Arts and Crafts cottages are surrounded by winding paths through fields and woods. The Port Sunlight Museum offers visitors an insight into the village’s history, while the Lady Lever Art Gallery showcases 19th century decorative arts.

There are also plenty of cozy teahouses and pubs to relax in.

Falkner Street

Falkner Street, Liverpool.
Falkner Street, Liverpool. Photo by Colin Lane

Populated on either side by stunning Georgian terraces, Falkner Street is a magnificent example of Liverpool’s incredible architecture.

As Christmas approaches, the decorations displayed by many residents are worth marveling at – and they’re sure to give you a festive feeling. It’s not just the beautiful homes that make this street special, though.

At one end of the street, as you get closer to Hope Street, you will find The Quarter restaurant where you can stop for a plate of fresh pasta or an elaborate homemade dessert.

street of hope

street of hope
street of hope

Surrounded by two incredible cathedrals, this central street is one of Liverpool’s most charming areas.

If you’re looking for cultural offerings, the Everyman Theater and the Philharmonic are a stone’s throw from each other, with our city’s two stunning cathedrals towering at either end of the street. With some of the city’s best-loved bars and restaurants, Hope Street is home to pubs like the Philharmonic, Papillon and Frederick’s among the venues lining the street.

Alley of the larks

People enjoying Lark Lane on a sunny Saturday
People enjoying Lark Lane on a sunny Saturday

A popular street in the city for its vibrant mix of restaurants, bars and independent shops, Lark Lane is well known for its bohemian atmosphere.

Boasting everything from a quaint ice cream shop that assembles gigantic dessert cones, to a host of restaurants offering a range of international cuisine, there’s sure to be something to get your teeth into. At the top of the street is the old police station which is now used as a community center which hosts market stalls and craft fairs.

Water Street

Liverpool Town Hall on the High Street looking towards Water Street and Liver Building in Liverpool.  Photo by Colin Lane
Liverpool Town Hall on the High Street looking towards Water Street and Liver Building in Liverpool. Photo by Colin Lane

The City Hall and Liver Buildings can all be spotted while strolling down this downtown street and some truly impressive architecture surrounds it.

It has also served as the backdrop for many filming locations, with the TV series Tin Star even filming street scenes. If you want to visit the Town Hall, it is on the High Street at its junction with Dale Street, Castle Street and Water Street.

Village of Oxton

Monte Rosa at Oxton Village, Wirral.
Monte Rosa at Oxton Village, Wirral.

The center of this suburb of Birkenhead is a haven of characterful buildings, thriving independent shops and plenty of restaurants.

It offers locals and visitors a real sense of community. Oxton Village is very compact – which is why we didn’t choose just one street – although there is still an array of shops and cafes to choose from to suit all tastes.

The village was granted conservation area status in 1979, which led to the establishment of the Oxton Society, which strives to preserve the character and identity of the area. If you are looking for a place that really has a village feel then this is the place.

Granby Four Streets

A glimpse of the Turner Prize-winning Granby Four Streets in Toxteth, rue Ducie.  Jason Roberts Photo
Granby Four Streets in Toxteth, Turner Prize Winner

Consisting of Cairns Street, Beaconsfield Street, Jermyn Street and Ducie Street, these Toxteth Streets were originally built in the 1890s but fell into a state of dereliction after the 1980s.

Now, after residents fought demolition for over a decade, the streets won the Turner Prize in 2015. Some houses have been completely transformed, while other sections of the streets still need to be renovated but have been painted by local artists.

The popular Granby Street Market is held on the first Saturday of every month, where visitors can find everything from bric-a-brac, vintage clothing and souvenirs, to handmade soaps, arts and crafts. ‘Arts and crafts. Food stalls are also popping up, selling a variety of hot international dishes and homemade health foods.

Baltic Triangle

Street art in the Baltic Triangle.(Pic Andrew Teebay).
Street art in the Baltic Triangle

It’s more of an entire area than a particular street, but there are too many cool spots not to include in our roundup.

The Creativity Hub has sprung up around Jamaica Street and surrounding areas after a major redevelopment and now hosts arts venues, alternative activity sites like Ghetto Golf and plenty of bars to visit. The streets have also been decorated with lots of street art, so walking around and seeing how many pieces you can spot is a great way to pass some time.

Egerton Street

Peter Kavanagh's pub on Egerton Street, Liverpool 8.
Peter Kavanagh’s pub on Egerton Street, Liverpool 8.

Lined with pretty terraced houses that have made the charm of the Georgian quarter, this street offers neat and picturesque gardens and a relaxed atmosphere.

The much-loved Peter Kavanaghs pub, which was Liverpool CAMRA Pub of the Year in 2019, is also at the head of the street. The pub has been run by 80-year-old owner Rita Smith for 27 years.

Welsh streets

Welsh streets and the terraced houses of Voelas Street are now renovated and inhabited.  Photo by Colin Lane
Welsh streets and the terraced houses of Voelas Street are now renovated and inhabited. Photo by Colin Lane

After hosting several early episodes of the hit show Peaky Blinders, the abandoned streets have been completely revamped by Place First.

The houses have been renovated to provide families with traditional Victorian terraces with a modern twist. The huge changes in the exterior appearance of the houses have brought many people back to the Toxteth region.

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