Street Legal GasGas ES 700 Leaked Photos Before Official Announcement

GasGas is preparing to unveil its first street-legal models tomorrow, but photos of one of the models have already leaked online.

As we were first to be confirmed in FebruaryGasGas will add two street legal models to its lineup, the SM 700 supermoto and the ES 700 dual sport. Over the past week, GasGas teased an announcement on social media, hinting at two new models. Most notably, the teaser shows a bike fitted with mirrors, suggesting a road-legal model, a first for the Spanish brand.

Later Posts confirmed a reveal scheduled for April 26, showing more details, including a headlight. Although the launch is not until tomorrow, it seems that the GasGas web team has already prepared its official site. A landing page for new GasGas “Travel” models appeared online last week and was quickly taken down. Italian site was the first to post the leak, but its post has also been deleted. Thanks to Google, we were able to retrieve a cached version of the page and get our hands on it, including the first photos.

Official specs and details have not been revealed, but the text confirms the ES 700. Translated from Italian, it reads:

On the road, off the road…go everywhere!

A road-ready, super-capable all-mountain commuter bike full of GASGAS DNA! Combining high-quality, road-approved performance with proven off-road capabilities, the ES 700 proudly brings GASGAS’ playful and dynamic attitude to the road. Perfect for mixed-surface adventures and to brighten up any commute, the GASGAS ES 700 is a playful and versatile dual-sport performer.

Photos reveal a model that looks a lot like the Pierer Mobility cousins ​​of the ES 700, the KTM 690 EnduroR and the Husqvarna 701 Enduro dual sports. The engine and frame are nearly identical to the KTM and Husqvarna models, which are also classified as “Voyage” models by their respective brands.

It can therefore be assumed that the ES 700 will use a similar 693cc Single, which claims 74 hp and 54.2 lb-ft over the 690 Enduro R. Suspension is supplied by WP, another Pierer brand, but it remains to be seen if these are the same specification as the KTM or Husqvarna models.

We were unable to find a similar landing page for the GasGas SM 700, but we were able to find mentions of Supermoto wheels in Google searches of the GasGas website. The snippets in the search results show two Supermoto wheel options in GasGas Accessories. After visiting the pages themselves, it appears that the Supermoto references have been removed.

The “Technical accessories” page has been completely cleaned up while the “Front wheel” page remains open, and it still says “supermotard” in the URL.

We expect the GasGas SM 700 to be the brand red version on the KTM 690 SMC R and Husqvarna 701 Supermoto.

Everything will be confirmed tomorrow, but the evidence indicates that we should expect GasGas to announce the new street-legal SM 700 and ES 700.

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