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Shopaholic on credit | Loans and finances

Shopaholism is a new form of addiction shown by society. Less and less this problem affects women themselves, men also fall into the madness of shopping. Shopping has ceased to satisfy only our needs. We go to relax and meet friends. It happens that by entering the store we lose control. Going one thing, we go out with bags of other products.

The beginnings of shopaholism are not noticeable

The beginnings of shopaholism are not noticeable

We’re going to the mall for a few clothes, books, some decorations about the house. We usually treat these expeditions as a rebound after a troubles or hard day at work. We also do not notice anything incorrect when choosing articles, and even give them a rational explanation.

The sums we spend on purchases are still within the home budget, so they also do not give cause for concern. Do you know how to do it? Do you want to do it? Do you want to do it? Do not worry about it.

More and more willing to grant us quick loans

More and more willing to <a href=grant us quick loans” />

We all know very well, if not from our own experience, then the scenario from the story: “we go with a friend to look at the shoes and advise on which pants look better. The next day we are coming back to the same shop alone, because it was a blouse that we liked.

When we will buy it, it turns out that we do not have matching pants, so we go to the next store to buy them. When we have pants, we lack shoes … ” We want to buy out of control. We spend money that we do not have physically, but this also does not bother us, because banks are more and more willing to grant us quick loans, they raise limits on credit cards.

Lack funds on credit cards

Lack funds on credit cards

After a while, we realize that we lack funds on credit cards, banks are less willing to grant us further loans, because at some point we were late paying the installment. After analyzing our monthly commitments, we come to the unpleasant statement that income has ceased to cover them long ago. Repayments of liabilities took place with the help of further loans. We are in a spiral of debt, from which we are not able to get out alone.

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