RoomTour: Fashion KOLs in China Become Home Influencers


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In China, fashion influencers are joining the #roomtour trend, expanding their focus areas to include lifestyle, home visits and furniture shopping.

Originally as a genre of vlogging, the theatrical tour takes followers to the studios, apartments and homes of influencers who then show their digs. The bronze mirrors, the USM cabinets and the Pierre Jeanneret chairs are particularly popular pieces.

Fashion bloggers such as Freshboy, Savvy, Lulu’s Travel Diary and many more have started embracing the venue tour on Xiaohongshu, which now has over 10,000 ratings with the venue tour hashtag. Its popularity is attributed to its authenticity: compared to #ootd (the daily hashtag trend), #roomtour allows fans to get a feel for the lifestyle and aesthetic world of bloggers. Visiting the room means an expanded definition of what fashion influencers can do, as well as the types of brand partnerships they can achieve.

Fashion bloggers enter the home world

The hashtag ootd has become a popular way for fashion influencers to sell products. Likewise, furniture brands can sponsor products during room visits, opening up a new business opportunity.

Italian furniture brand B&B Italia collaborated last year with fashion blogger Savi (@savislook), who used the brand’s Camaleonda sofa as a centerpiece in her home and created different content for her visit to the room featuring the sofa and other B&B products, says Vicky Lam, B&B Italy’s Asia-Pacific Marketing and PR Manager. “We are fortunate to have a connection with Savi, who is known as a fashion blogger, but our brand sees her as a way of life, a curator. She is strong not only in fashion, but also in fashion. aesthetic in general. ” Sales of Camaleonda sofas have increased thanks to the collaboration, according to the brand.

Fashion bloggers aren’t considered design or home experts, but they often resonate with fans because of their aesthetics.

In September of this year, blogger Lulu’s travel diary was invited by the Elemis brand to redesign an ‘Ultra Smart Room’ themed hotel room by remodeling the interior and inviting the public to stay for it. ‘experience.

Home of fashion blogger Savi.

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