RaceFans Round-up: Ferrari did not solve Paul Ricard problem despite a better race


Summary: Carlos Sainz Jnr expects Ferrari’s racing pace to remain heavily influenced by track-to-track variations.

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Track-specific Ferrari tire wear issues

Carlos Sainz Jnr says that as Ferrari still does not fully understand their problems at the French Grand Prix, their relatively good pace on the same tires around Spielberg can only be attributed to the characteristics of the circuit and not to a change that the team provided .

“Unfortunately, at the moment, it is specific to the track. The car looks a lot like [at] Paul Ricard, and we haven’t really found a solution or a reason for our Paul Ricard difficulties.

“So we expect our race pace to swing up and down, depending on the track. Then we will really find the reason why this happened at Paul Ricard.

Ride: Fix the limits of the track in Spielberg with gravel

Stroll says tracks need physical deterrents

After removing lap times for running too far in qualifying in the last two races, Lance Stroll says gravel provides the perfect physical solution for drivers going over the limit.

“Even if they just put a strip of gravel behind (the sidewalk)… I’m not saying that each circuit has to redo the whole gravel trap, but if [there’s] a three meter gravel strip behind each curb instead of a double curb, I think that could make the trails more interesting.

“Instead of messing around with those millimeter runway limits, you’re gone and you can’t really see it from the cockpit and stuff, which is silly.”

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Ferrari and McLaren out of reach for Alpine this season

Esteban Ocon says it is clear that Alpine is not in contention for third place in the Manufacturers’ Championship like the former Renault team was last year.

“I was fighting with Charles [Leclerc] in part of the race and he was way too fast compared to us for sure.

“We will be fighting with AlphaTauri and Aston Martin throughout the season. They seem to have a little more rhythm than us overall.

“So little by little we have to score points and do our best.”

Giovinazzi: the undercut and start of stroke gains did not compensate for the spin

Antonio Giovinazzi Styrian Grand Prix was ruined before the end of the first lap, when he was taken in the lead at turn four following contact with Pierre Gasly. The collision wasn’t the fault of either driver, but Giovinazzi said it effectively ended his chances in the grand prix.

“It was bad luck because I think after that my race was pretty compromised,” said Giovinazzi. “I pushed a lot at the start to catch up with the group, to pass the two Haas, then we made the clearance on the hard.

“Maybe we stopped a little too early, but we tried to cut back. But at the end of the race my tires were in good shape, and yes, we were too slow at the end. But I think my race, to be honest, was compromised from the first lap.

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