Q36.5 winter kit, Silca Bicycle Spa cleaning range and specific gravel pump, and Pirelli Cinturato Velo reflective tires

It’s the end of another busy week, with the clocks about to turn back and winter looming here in the UK. Yet on BikeRadar, the sun shines all year round and the content just keeps coming.

To prepare you for dark trails, digital writer Jack Evans updated our comprehensive list of the best mountain bike jackets of 2022, following our recent group test. We’ve also revised our roundup of the best waterproof mountain bike pants.

Jack was also busy elsewhere, writing about the new range of mountain bike wheels from Oquo, Orbea’s sister brand.

Senior Technical Writer Alex Evans posted an in-depth review of the visually striking Pole Voima and Rob Weaver brought us news of Canyon’s new self-centering steering system.

Heading into the world of discontinued handlebars, content editor Stan Portus took a look at how Specialized designed their new Diverge STR. The bike is now with us and we will have a full review for you soon.

Senior Technical Writer Warren Rossiter reviewed Zipp’s 101 wheelset and Cannondale Topstone Rival AXS, and I came away very impressed with Assos’ first cargo bib short, the Mille GTC Kiespanzer C2.

If your winter riding forces you to turn to indoor training, you’ll want to check out Senior Technical Writer Simon von Bromley’s coverage of Wahoo’s extensive updates to its Wahoo X subscription service.

And finally, next week will see the arrival of our inaugural e-bike week, so be sure to check in for a plethora of the latest news, reviews, buyer’s guides and top lists.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s juicy tech nuggets.

Q36.5 clothing

Q36.5 is an Italian brand with a scientific approach to cycling clothing, led by Luigi Bergamo, former head of research and design at Assos.

All Q36.5 garments are manufactured within a 350 km² radius of its headquarters in Bolzano, Italy.

Q36.5 BAT jacket

The BAT jacket is a full Q36.5 design.
Kaden Gardener / Our media

Q36.5 claims its futuristic-looking BAT winter cycling jacket is an advanced multi-layered item that prioritizes insulation and protection from wind and rain. The brand quotes a temperature range of 0-10°C, but also states that the jacket can be used on either side of these numbers.

The jacket uses a blend of UF 2L, which according to Q36.5 is a lightweight, waterproof and windproof two-layer laminated fabric on the front and arms. There is a UF Air Insulation inner liner to provide warmth.

The center back and pockets use the brand’s Graphene Yarn technology, a bio-polyamide blend that’s supposed to transfer body heat away from the torso.

There are ventilation openings at the rear for excess heat and moisture to escape, and the brand claims the jacket’s tailored fit means it won’t flap around when riding.

The zip is said to be water-repellant, there’s some reflective detailing and there are three pockets at the rear. The collar is also air-tight, according to Q36.5, so cold air shouldn’t make its way in.

Available in sizes XXS to XXL, the jacket comes in Black as well as the Navy Blue colourway I have here.

Will the BAT jacket usurp my trusty Castelli Gabba 2? Only time will tell…

Q36.5 Termica Long Salopette L1 bib tights

The Termica Long Salopette L1 bib tights are for the coldest of rides.
Kaden Gardener / Our Media

Q36.5’s bib shorts and tights differ from other brands in many ways.

Firstly, the brand uses ‘high density stretch woven fabrics’, which it says are fibres twisted 1,700 times rather than the industry standard of 330 to 400.

The benefits of this construction are the fabric stretches less under heavy loads and fits the body more compressively, as well as being lighter in weight. It is said to offer faster drying times, increased durability and more UV protection.

The brand says the fit may seem uncomfortable when you first put on any of its shorts or tights, but this is deliberate because it’s optimised for the riding position.

The Termica Long Salopette is the brand’s winter bib tight offering and Q36.5 says it’s suitable for riding in temperatures between -5 and 5°C.

One of the technologies it employs to create additional warmth is the use of a smart fibre on the inside face, which the brand dubs ‘Heat Fibre’, produced from the residue of coffee bean processing.

The fibre is said to attract infrared rays from the environment and use them to heat the body.

The chamois is provided by Elastic Interface and Q36.5 says it has worked hard to include a minimum of seams to allow for maximum freedom of movement.

The tights are available in sizes XS to XXXL.

  • Q36.5 BAT jacket: £345 / $475 / €363 / AU$590
  • Q36.5 Base Layer 3 long-sleeve: £89 / $120 / €91 / AU$150
  • Q36.5 Termica Long Salopette: £299 / $415 / €318 / AU$520

Silca Gravelero mini pump

Silca’s Gravelero draws heavily from its Tattico mini road pump.
Kaden Gardener / Our media

While you may get frustrated that mini-pumps are now specific to riding genres, Silca’s Gravelero has a lot to offer.

Inspired by the brand’s Tattico road line, the Gravelero is an all-aluminum mini pump. By forgoing plastic, Silca claims that the use of metal avoids any problem of overheating when inflating a tire.

The mini-pump can be mounted, using the supplied bracket with retaining strap under the bosses of the bottle cage, or stowed in a jersey pocket.

In line with the Tattico, the Gravelero uses a retractable hose to allow for easier inflation at tight angles. The reversible thumb lock chuck is also retained from the Tattico and the head can be used with both Presta and Schrader valves.

Silca claims the Gravelero pushes 35% more air for the same overall length, compared to the Tattico.

The design has been further refined for gravel and off-road use with a smoother exterior texture, for easier cleaning. The sealing is also said to be improved to protect the pump against dirt and mud.

The pump weighs 139g and can reach a maximum pressure of 80 psi, according to Silca.

  • Silca Gravelero mini pump: £70 / $75 / €90 / AU$120

Silca Bicycle Spa range

Silca’s Bicycle Spa range is designed to keep your bike fresh.
Kaden Gardener / Our media

Silca also recently launched its Bicycle Spa range, a collection of four cleaning products with the usual attention to detail you expect from the brand.

According to Silca, he spent a year and a half developing the products. The price may be high, but the products should last longer because you use less of them.

The new range includes transmission and brake cleaner, bike cleaner, graphene spray and waterless cleaner.

Silca recommends spraying brake and transmission cleaner, which has a cinnamon scent, on the transmission and brakes first. It is a non-aerosol, non-chlorine solution and Silca says it will even work with your disc brakes and can remove contaminants if they squeal.

The next step in the process is to add 3 oz of wash product to 5 gallons of water and wash the rest of the bike.

Silca claims the bike cleaner, with its cherry scent, is “the most concentrated soap on the market today that you can use with hand washing techniques.”

Like transmission cleaner, dirt is encapsulated and removed from your frame so it won’t damage your paintwork.

The final step is to apply the “Sweet Lime Margarita” scented Graphene Spray Wax. Silca advises waiting two to three minutes for it to dry, before buffing with a towel.

The piña colada scented ceramic waterless cleanser is designed as a daily complement after your outings.

  • Silca Brake and Transmission Cleaner: £36 / €36 / $30 / AU$48
  • Silca Bike Wash: £30 / $25 / €30 / AU$40
  • Silca Graphene Spray Wax: £54 / $45 / €54 / AU$72
  • Silca Ceramic waterless washing: £36 / $30 / €36 / AU$48

Pirelli Cinturato Velo reflective tires

The reflective strip should keep you nice and visible on the roads when it’s dark.
Kaden Gardener / Our media

Darker nights are now approaching and to combat this Pirelli have announced a reflective version of their venerable Cinturato Velo road bike tyre, for increased visibility.

The Cinturato Velo is designed for poor wet conditions and puncture protection, while the brand’s P-Zero range is more race-focused. Pirelli says they are ready for high mileage on a variety of surfaces and road conditions.

Built from Pirelli’s SMARTNET Silica technology and using a 60 TPI carcass, the Cinturato Velo is considered “a strong and durable tyre”.

The Armor Tech casing features a unique blend of Kevlar fibers to protect against punctures and extends from bead to bead. The lightning bolt tread pattern is supposed to reduce noise and evacuate water.

The Cinturato Velo is Pirelli’s all-season tire.
Kaden Gardener / Our media

They can be run as tires or tubeless. If you use them tubeless, Pirelli says they are compatible with hookless rims with a maximum pressure limit of 73 psi.

Tires are available in 700c x 28mm, 32mm and 35mm widths. We have the 28mm variant, which has a claimed weight of 350g.

  • Pirelli Cinturato Velo reflective tyres: from £66.99 / €74.90 / $89.90 / AU$115.90

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