Open Jim: Is Badgers men’s basketball coach Greg Gard in the hot seat this season – or is it even getting a little hot? | College football


A few quick notes: This is clearly Ohio State – splits – and the next level of teams. This next level is really difficult to classify. I kept Michigan State ahead of Michigan because the Spartans beat the Wolverines head-to-head, although I was tempted to put Michigan in second because he probably would have won that game if he had. been to Ann Arbor.

I was tempted to put UW in second place because they’re playing as well as any team that isn’t called Ohio State right now. But the Badgers lost by three touchdowns to Michigan a little over a month ago, so I couldn’t do it. Penn State also beat UW, but the Nittany Lions’ home loss to Illinois is a stain I can’t get over.

Not really, mainly because it would have cost a fortune to buy out Frost. I had thought from the start that he would get a fifth season to turn the tide, but it was going to be hard to let the Nebraska officials do if the Cornhuskers finished, say, 3-9 overall and 1-8 in the Big game. Ten.

But sporting director Trev Alberts didn’t even wait that long to make a decision, announcing on Monday that Frost would be back in 2022. The truly shocking news was that Frost fired four offensive assistants despite the Cornhuskers still having two. games to play, including one at UW next week.

Strange weather in Lincoln.

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