On his bike from Morocco to Zanzibar

Yusuf, delighted to see these isolated islands in the Indian Ocean, wanders the Zanzibar market to forget the difficulties of his bike ride from Morocco to this remote part of the Brown Continent.

Youssef Sahsa, a 30-year-old photographer from the town of El-Ayon in southern Morocco, left everything behind and took his bike to various parts of the world as a community.

After graduating from the film company in Ouarzazate, about 290 km from Marrakech, the vision of the newly graduated student went beyond the ordinary. While colleagues searched for work and sent CVs, Yusuf flirted with his dream and sketched in his head the road to Africa by bicycle.

The young man, in an interview with Sky News Arabia, said the idea for “Africa Dream” was not the product of the moment, but had matured in his student mind in 2015.

As the first target was the cities of Morocco and the valleys on all four sides of Morocco, the idea germinated as soon as he graduated. On his bike, he crisscrossed the country, learning about other cultures and learning about rituals and traditions that were previously unknown to him.

According to Yusuf, choosing a bike for the trip was a scary idea at first as it takes a lot of persistence to walk on it, but at the same time it’s an easy way and doesn’t require a lot of expense, especially since a student has only kept dirhams to protect his food since he started his adventure.

Walking and touring Morocco, Youssef Sasha decided to go in a new direction, gazing at the distant horizon, initially fearful but courageously riding the two-handed bicycle and stepping inside. “Neither now nor always,” a voice echoed to him.

To protect what it was like to travel from Morocco to Ivory Coast, Yusuf was able to raise the equivalent of a thousand dollars through various remote jobs, which he then manages by working on remote projects.

A few months after his debut, the young adventurer was able to pay for entry visas in certain countries and land a contract with an Italian company that would finance his trip. All his bicycle items, including repairs and spare parts.

Money is not a barrier, but the young man insists that he has been able to achieve little by little what the rich of the lot have not done. According to the cyclist, it is important to achieve something beautiful, but money is a means.

In four years, travelers have been able to travel to 24 countries. Yusuf said, “During the difficult times I had in Niger, I took a degraded antibiotic, which caused me liver disease. Thanks to medical treatment, I died before I could recover after two weeks.

One of the jokes Yusuf tells is that one day he landed in Zambia, so the people of a town invited him to lunch. He was very happy, but he was surprised to find a strange meal; Roasted mouse with a little sauce. The traveler didn’t think he would eat the rat someday, but told us in a smiling voice that he really liked the taste which was not much different from the taste of the chicken.

Yusuf Sahsa assures us that his journey will continue as long as possible. Its future destination is Asia and then Europe.

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