Metro Roundup: Homewood council sells portions of roads to developer

On November 8, Homewood City Council voted to sell two portions of public streets to Mike Mouron, whose company owns the Valley Hotel, several 18e Street shops and now Valley Mall.

Mouron bought part of an unnamed alley between 1722 28e Avenue S. and 1715 27e Court Sud for approximately $ 35,000 and a portion of 27e South terrace for $ 154,000.

The unnamed driveway will be used for parking at the redeveloped property where Valley Mall is now located. Mouron plans to turn this space into a new Italian restaurant, Luca, as well as another unnamed business. Mouron also said he would grant an easement on this property to The Dance Foundation so that the foundation can have access to the rear of its building.

At 27e Terrasse Sud, Mouron is also looking to add parking, but a discussion ensued on the city’s access to the property for a future project. The council wanted to ensure that Mouron would continue to allow the use of the road for motor traffic, which is primarily accessible to residents of Rosedale, and it said it would.

Ward 5 Councilor Jennifer Andress noted a study for Central Avenue that would see parts of that road used to connect Central Park and Spring Park to Rosedale. The city still has the necessary right of way, said City Attorney Mike Kendrick. Mouron’s parking lot would not prevent the town from creating a pedestrian access connecting the parks, which Andress said would run alongside Griffin Creek.

Also in Griffin Creek, the council authorized a contract with Kimley Horn to create a stormwater master plan for the area. The $ 331,900 in federal funds will be used to fund a plan that will focus on the Griffin Creek area, which includes the area between Valley Road and Green Springs Highway, where most stormwater complaints originate.

The study will take an inventory of existing structures and include creating an online dashboard so the city can monitor its stormwater infrastructure, City Engineer Cale Smith said. It will also include a maintenance plan for the public works department, as well as recommended updates to the city’s stormwater ordinance.

City council also voted unanimously to adopt new landscaping and tree requirements. Work on the project began several years ago with the goal of improving the greenery around Homewood, and the main changes in the requirements were acceptable replacement trees when trees are removed.

Landscaping and tree requirements often arise in zoning issues, the council noted at the meeting, and commissions, councils and residents have worked together for several years to try to ensure that the city protects its green spaces.

In other news, the tip:

  • Postponed vote on new city policy on donations to name benches after people
  • Approval of a contract with Volkert for design services for the Reese Street sidewalk project
  • Contracts approved with Schoel Engineering for the College Avenue storm infrastructure design and Huntington Road culvert design work
  • Approved stop sign at the intersection of Saulter Lane and Crest Drive
  • Set the date of December 7 at 10 a.m. to accept offers to improve the lanes behind the post office on the 18the Street, between this building and the property currently housing Jim and Jims
  • Approved a liquor license for Tacos Don Tacho 2 located at 437 Green Springs Highway, Suite 141
  • Approved a contract with LBYD for the demolition of a building that once housed the city’s citation court
  • Schedule a public hearing for December 6 at 6 p.m. for the 1832 rezoning project 25e South courtyard from an institutional zone to a neighborhood preservation district for the renovation of a non-conforming single-family home

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