Launch of Vredestein tires in India


After a long wait and trying to sell tires via the import route, Vredestein Tires has finally officially made its way to the Indian market and will be produced locally. Vredestein Tires was acquired by Apollo Tires in 2009 and has grown slowly since then to become one of the best premium and performance driven tires for a range of vehicles including cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and more Again. For India, the company has decided to introduce a range of tires for motorcycles and cars, as a first step, with plans to introduce high performance bicycle tires and tires for light commercial vehicles later in the future.

Vredestein tires for cars

For cars, Vredestein will launch the Ultrac Vorti, a set of high performance tires optimized for Indian conditions. The Ultrac Vorti will be available for performance and luxury cars and will be available in a range of sizes. International markets get tires for rim sizes ranging from 17 inch to 24 inch and tires with widths ranging from 225 section up to massive 355 section. For India, however, it will be available. in five sizes, with rim sizes ranging from 18 inches to 20 inches and widths ranging from a section of 235 to 275. In terms of price, we can expect these tires to be on the premium side considering their high quality construction and functionality. These tires were designed by Vredestein in partnership with the Italian design house Italdesign.

Vredestein tires for motorcycles

Besides the introduction of tires for cars, the European company also introduced its Centauro range of tires for motorcycles. Two options are available, the Centauro ST and the Centauro NS, the latter being the sportier and more capable offering of the two, while the former is designed for on-road and sport touring use. Both feature a zero degree steel radial belt and are designed for larger displacement motorcycles, ideally those in the 600-1200cc range. Vredestein first launches these motorcycle tires in India before launching them in the rest of the world. The Centauro NS and ST tire ranges have been developed in close partnership with the Italian design firm Frascoli.

Vredestein Tires and senior management at Apollo Tires in India have discovered that now is the time to launch a premium tire brand in India, given how most premium car makers like Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi have had better sales during and after the lockdown than say a year or two ago. It’s nice to see companies take note that the Indian consumer appreciates quality products and parts to go with their precious possessions – their cars and motorcycles.

As mentioned above, Vredestein Tires will offer tires in the premium segment and compete against brands like Michelin and Pirelli. Would you like us to compare Vredestein tires with their closest competitors? Let us know in the “Comments” section.

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