Last day of the Stone King Rally: results and photos

All these kilometers covered, all this elevation gained, all this ground covered. It had been a monster week through the mountains on the Santa Cruz Stone King Rally, but ultimately it had to end somewhere.

Nice pictures

Sixth day: Dolceacqua to Bordighera

  • 23.7 km in length
  • 430m drop
  • 1,690m drop

The ending point was where land meets water; a welcoming Italian shoreline in Bordighera.

Day six – the final day of the first-ever Stone King Rally – was a rare treat in a week of massive rides. Instead of a sting in the tail, the riders had a series of four special stages emphasizing the special: rocky slabs, technical turns and steep drops aplenty, all with the shimmering blue of the Mediterranean behind -plan.

It was a slow start for some riders still sore from the fifth day effort, but this last race was one to cherish. Short by Stone King standards, with barely any uphill and less than 25km on the trail, but the day still managed to rack up thousands of meters of downhill, some of it on new, specially designed rally trails .

The first Stone King rally was a blast. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who runs, works, organizes and follows the event; hopefully it opened people’s eyes to the endless mountain biking adventures in this area and sparked people’s imaginations. His legacy will be a series of painstakingly researched trails revived and revamped for all to ride.

Congratulations to the SKR winners Romain Paulhan and Tanja Naber and to all the finishers. Now, where is that ice cream?

Final results

What is the Stone King Rally?

The Santa Cruz Stone King Rally 2022 takes place in two countries (75% in Italy, 25% in France) from June 28 to July 3, 2022.

Stone King Crew: “The Santa Cruz Stone King Rally is the evolution of backcountry ATV enduro competition. Containing the same blend of wild adventure and gravity racing excitement that Trans-Provence introduced in 2009 and refined over a decade, we are now taking things to new levels on a 100% original Hautes Alps to the Mediterranean.

“Stone King’s truly transalpine route – crossing not once but twice the central watershed of the Alps – will traverse two countries and four distinct regions: the majestic regional park of Queyras (France), the mystical Occitan valleys of Piedmont (Italy ), the wild landscapes of the Roya Valley (France) and, last but not least, the revered coastal mountains of Liguria (Italy).

“Each of these areas contains its own brand of breathtaking descents and incredible travel-style trails. The inextricable connection between these trails, the cultural heritage and the agricultural or industrial history of each valley is essential to the spirit of a backcountry adventure like Stone King; riders will discover – in a variety of formats – a thread of related stories throughout the race and tour versions of the route.

Guillestre in Bordighera
June 28 to July 3, 2022
Runners: 100
Days: 6
Timed stages: 24
Distance (by bike): 269 km
Ascent (by bike): 8140m
Descent (by bike): 20153m

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