Interroll and ENGEL on the way to a self-optimizing machine

“Twenty percent of all rejected moldings in injection molding production are caused by temperature control errors. This is precisely why smart products such as iQ flow control and iQ weight control are among ENGEL’s development priorities,” said Matteo Terragni, Managing Director of the ENGEL Subsidiary in Italy, which also serves customers in the Italian part of Switzerland.

By investing in the new production cell and digital solutions, Interroll has not only moved the Poly-V enclosure production process entirely in-house, but has also streamlined the process.

“We’ve dramatically reduced the overhead required for quality control,” Tonolla said. “The process is now so stable that we can completely eliminate the need for external quality control.”

Previously, the quality of each of the 800,000 components per year was checked manually.

“Our goal is to make more use of smart solutions,” Specht said. “We want to eliminate disruptive factors. When we open the door to the production floor, we no longer want it to interfere with the process.”

“We are moving towards guaranteed process stability through data monitoring on the one hand and an automatic optimization machine on the other,” Balducci emphasized. “We don’t want to have to check quality, but rather be able to rely on the production cell to deliver consistently high quality.”

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