IKEA-worthy furniture designs that are the ultimate storage and display solutions for your modern home!


If you are a self-employed millennial who recently moved from his family home into theirs, then a major problem you might face almost every day … is space constraint! Our modern millennial homes have many virtues, but one thing they lack is space! Space constraint is something most of us end up dealing with on a daily basis. Smart storage solutions can save lives in such delicate and compact situations. And to make your life easier, we’ve curated a whole collection of storage solutions that come in the form of furniture designs that, to be honest, are IKEA-worthy! Not only do these products comfortably store your belongings, but they’re also great for displaying those special items that you don’t want to put away in a dusty cabinet. From a modular shelving unit inspired by Bangkok storefront architecture to a shelving unit that hides an elegant staircase, these innovative storage and display solutions are the IKEA-worthy additions your home needs!

Tenement H is a modular storage system that reflects the “domestic” theme of the exhibition. Inspired by the multifaceted facades of Bangkok’s shophouses, Tenement H features customizable barriers ranging from scissor doors to accordion doors, shutters and balustrades. Constructed of aluminum, Tenement H is modular and versatile in design, allowing access to storage units from all sides and multifunctional as a semi-partition for your room as well. Upholstered in glossy optical white, scarlet red and light blue, Tenement H’s modules mimic the color palette of Bangkok city storefronts. Each unit can be configured to suit what your space allows – for small spaces the Tenement H can be built vertically while larger spaces would allow for a wider base.

Although their motto is “No Tools, No Worries”, the most defining characteristic of staxxiom furniture is that it is so visually simple that you don’t even need a manual. With laser-cut pieces of wood that simply fit together to create your design, staxxiom builds on IKEA’s DIY culture by making their furniture more efficient, greener, and as streamlined as possible. This last part also works in staxxiom’s favor, as the streamlined design gives their furniture a unified and wonderfully minimal aesthetic, as well as the added benefit of being ridiculously easy to build. Try for a second to describe the parts of a painting in the simplest way possible. You have 4 legs and a table surface, don’t you? In reality, however, furniture is often much more complex than that. There are many more aspects, like glue, screws, bolts, thread inserts, rubber feet, etc. that go into making an excellent table that you often forget to describe. Staxxiom’s designs eliminate these minor complexities squarely by keeping their furniture designs as visually and physically simple as possible.

In the middle of the accessory catalog is a basket storage system that doubles as a wooden step ladder and crate, ideal for the kitchen area or bathroom to store toiletries and reach higher heights. Then there is a series of photo frames that can store paper items like notes and business cards in a built-in slot that traces the perimeter of each frame. Using their own homes and those of their colleagues as their main source of inspiration, the design students even made niche items like a hollow bamboo and wire insect house that could be hung outside of the house. ‘an apartment window for hummingbirds and bees to pass by and visit.

Furnicloud basically works as an aluminum rod system that can be configured to attach different container modules and create more storage space. Comprised primarily of boxes with lids and doors, the rods can be placed vertically in various shapes for boxes to attach and fill. The boxes supplied with Furnicloud come with drawers, doors and shelves to optimize their storage capacities. In addition to storage boxes, Furnicloud includes mirrors, lights, sheds and other accessory-sized storage containers that can be strewn from the aluminum rods, stabilizing the furniture system as a whole. . Constructed entirely from aluminum, Furnicloud is available in different shades, layers and finishes, ensuring that each furniture system can be customized for each given living space.

While Riders Gonna Ride is a lifestyle brand with roots in mountain biking, Bike Box is a storage solution designed for riders around the world, from mountains to city streets. Bike Box is modular by design and constructed from black CDF and beech wood to ensure a versatile yet durable storage unit. Built as a storage unit for a professional locker room, the Bike Box frame is made from CDF, or Compact Density Fibreboards, a highly compressed material often chosen for its water-resistant and durable nature. The storage found on each Bike Box is made available through a system of pegs and sockets of wooden dowels and accompanying sockets. When personalized to hang your bike or orient shelves, the pegs can be positioned as every bike owner sees fit.

Smallhouse designs are some of our favorite designs, mainly because they’ve made designers look beyond the obvious bulky solutions and literally think inside the tiny box at home for ready-made solutions. employment! The stair cupboard manages to do the same and beautifully, with a tight fitting steel sliding staircase in a two-tone oak cupboard that slides easily. The staircase also serves as a temporary storage space for knick-knacks and other items in the library when not in use. The dark steel staircase creates a strong contrast to the pale wood while also matching the industrial-chic vibe of the remaining apartment. Villa Roco has been designed to house a generation of a family that can live together and separately on the same land thanks to its intuitive design. Who said an entire family couldn’t live in a smaller space with its privacy intact!

The idea for the Parachute wall shelf came to designer Yusuke Watanabe, oddly enough, while listening to Coldplay’s debut album titled “Parachutes”. Derived from the Italian word “parare” (protect) and the French word “chute” (fall), this award-winning universal shelf holds everything in place! Its clever design is influenced by the way clothespins secure objects to a clothesline by snapping onto it. The multiple dowels or planks of the Parachute wall shelf hold your items in place by gently “clipping” them to the wall. Made from colorful sheet metal strips that almost resemble parachute cloth with their wavy design, the Parachute Wall Shelf looks like abstract art when not in use. It sits flat against the wall (unlike most shelves with a cantilever to the front), looking like framed art until you lean one of the “pegs” toward it. ‘before and whether you use it to store things or even to hang up clothes like your coat, scarf or hat.

The PaiPai Pets Double Basin Cat Kennel is both a cat tower and a console storage cabinet. Looking at the kennel from the front, two wide doors border a narrower central door, which opens onto the kennel storage unit and the interior of the jungle-gym. On the left and right sides of the kennel there is enough space to accommodate two large litter boxes, which are always accessible through the open porthole of the middle door. Behind the central kennel cabinet are storage shelves where cat owners can store smaller items like boxes of wet cat food and litter scoops. Painted in glossy white, with natural wood accents along the perimeter, the kennel can remain discreet even in the most frequented domestic spaces like the living room or den. Along the sides of the kennel, smaller portholes allow plenty of airflow as well as a fun way to play with your cat.

Orte's Loop

In townhouses one often has to compromise on the type of furniture one wants as there is not enough space to have a separate room for each function – in this case Orte saves the space that you would need for a full shelf and a mirror by mixing them into one. Its limestone base supports a rotating wooden frame with the mirror on one side and six hidden shelves on the other. The touch of red illuminates the corner where the furniture will be located and the elongated oblong shape makes it easy to install in any corner. It can be used as a dresser, shelf, or whatever you need to grab quickly without always being on display.

To give the studio space more defined and demarcated areas, Alexander Kudimov and Daria Butakhina from Ruetemple, built a raised wooden module, with plenty of storage options and a cave-shaped area that serves as a closed bedroom for the studio. The idea to create a bedroom module originally came from Kudimov and Butakhina’s plan to build a wooden structure that would absorb the many functional elements of the studio, including storage space, living space and a platform. form to prepare in the morning. The bedroom module mainly contains the studio sleeping area – an isolated section of the raised platform that allows the bed to remain separate from the rest of the apartment. The cozy living room remains largely private, but a large window at the head of the bed dissolves the barrier between the studio hallway and the newly formed bedroom.

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