I endured the pain of being attacked when I was a young girl and gave it to my House of Gucci character, Patrizia, says Lady Gaga

LADY GAGA really let her wild side lose by playing a murderous Italian heiress, channeling a cat, a fox, and a panther.

For nine months, the singer and actress immersed herself in the eventful life of Patrizia Reggiani who commissioned a deadly hit from the heir of the fashion label Maurizio Gucci.


Lady Gaga on the red carpet at the House Of Gucci premiere in London last weekCredit: BackGrid
Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani in the movie


Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani in the movieCredit: Splash

The flamboyant star considered herself a feline when she portrayed different sides of Reggiani’s character in Sir Ridley Scott’s new film House Of Gucci.

And she thinks that taking inspiration from the natural world has given her a “seductive” side.

The Poker Face singer says, “I actually had three different animals that I worked with. So earlier in his life, I was a cat, like a house cat.

“In the middle of the movie, I was a fox. So I studied the way foxes hunt. And they’re actually quite playful when they hunt.

“And then I studied the panthers for the end. They are sort of flirty the way they do. And they kind of seduce, then they pounce.

Gaga, 35, real name Stefani Germanotta, also employed a dialect coach and always spoke with a northern Italian accent, keeping her character throughout the nine months of filming.

“My mom and dad have met me under the name Patrizia a few times,” says the New Yorker, who has Italian origins.

Going this far may well pay off as there is a buzz surrounding the Oscars surrounding her performance in the star-studded film, which opens next Friday.

Entertainment Weekly said that “Lady Gaga’s serious and fierce performance completes her evolution from movie star to powerful dramatic actress,” while LA Times praised her “charisma and presence, the power of personality and commitment. “.

But British director Scott told him to reign over the method of action because he was concerned that staying in his character would hurt Gaga’s sanity.

The real Reggiana is a dark and dangerous person who plotted to have her ex-husband Maurizio, former director of the Gucci fashion house, shot in cold blood in 1995.

For one scene, the actress drew inspiration from the most disturbing moment in her own life in an attempt to express these emotions.

Gaga, who said earlier this year that she was raped by a music producer when she was 19, said: “I felt the pain that I feel from being attacked when I was a young girl, to feel abandoned by people I love, to feel trapped that I can’t get out into a world that I love, I took that pain and gave it to her.

Seeing how hard it was taking him, Ridley, 83, said: “I don’t want you to traumatize yourself.”

She replied that she had been through the trauma before and that she might as well give it to him.

But the movie legend, whose other films include Gladiator, Alien, and Blade Runner, insisted, “Leave it here and don’t do that to yourself anymore.”

Fortunately, Gaga is in a much more stable place these days.

For the past 18 months, she dated tech entrepreneur Michael Polansky whom she met through mutual friends.

Multimillionaire Michael, 43, is not involved in show business and is the executive director of philanthropic organization The Parker Foundation.

He showed his romantic side by sending the actress a huge bouquet of flowers for her 35th birthday while filming La Maison Gucci in Rome.

I took the pain I feel from being attacked when I was a young girl. I took that pain and gave it to her.

Lady Gaga

Her previous romances with actor Taylor Kinney in 2015 and talent agent Christian Carino in 2018 reached the engagement stage, but never the church door.

This time it might be different, as last year Gaga said her ambition was to “get married” and be “a mom”.

It would force the star to find time in her incredibly busy schedule.

Last year she released her fifth album, this year she did House Of Gucci and she is currently on a world tour to attend the film premieres.

Just donning the amazing dresses she’s worn on the red carpets must be tiring.

Tuesday night in New York she stepped out in a revealing black Armani gown, on the weekend in Milan she teased photographers by wearing a red corset-style Versace dress and in London last week she wowed in a gown. Gucci violet and fishnet stockings.

But none of it was as exhausting as the physical transformation required to play Reggiani in the glitzy film.

While filming, the devoted actress had to get up at three in the morning to make her way to the makeup trailer.

A prosthetic bald cap was placed over her real hair, and then various extravagant wigs were pulled over the top.

Gaga, who won the 2019 Oscar for Best Original Song for Shallow from A Star Is Born, reveals, “Our trailer where I prepared myself every day was like a science lab.

“There were 15 wigs there that were real replicas of the way she wore her hair at specific times in her life that we could find in photographs.

“They were specific at the time, even the chemicals used to dye the hair were specific at the time.”

The plot covers three decades of Reggiani’s eventful life, from her marriage to Maurizio in 1972 until her departure from her husband in 1985 and the organization of the hit against him in 1995.

The singer chuckled in self-mockery, saying, “Impersonating a 22 or 25 year old is ridiculous, but thank you Ridley for believing in me that way.”

This woman was in love, hurt and oppressed by an Italian patriarchal system.

Lady Gaga

Sometimes the stress of doing everything right made Gaga so nervous that she was physically ill.

She said, “You wake up, you throw up, you go to bed, throw up again.”

What made him cross was his conviction to give a voice to the much-maligned Reggiani.

The 72-year-old Italian is considered a gold digger due to her obsession with having the best things money can buy.

When she first met Maurizio – played by Adam Driver in the film – she would have thought he was a “loser” for driving a small car and then told a reporter “I’d rather cry in a Rolls -Royce rather than being happy riding a bicycle. “

But Reggiani, nicknamed the Black Widow, has always denied plotting to kill Maurizio, even though she was convicted of it in 1998 and spent 18 years in prison.

And she insisted that her late ex-husband was “the love of her life.”

Gaga says she “admired her strength” and thinks that “the idea that she was a gold digger was a fable”.

After relentless research into Reggiani’s background, she came to the conclusion that she was fighting a world dominated by men.

The actress says: “I realized this woman was in love, this woman was hurt, this woman was oppressed by an Italian patriarchal system which is systemic and painful.

“And we all are and also all of us, as women, we don’t always commit murder when these things happen – but she did.”

House Of Gucci is the latest in a long line of true crime crime stories to be picked up in Hollywood, including Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman and Monster, starring Charlize Theron.

They have all been accused of glorifying the killers and the Gucci family opposed the production of Ridley Scott.

But Gaga concludes: “I don’t believe in the glorification of murder, I believe in the emancipation of women.

  • House of Gucci is in theaters November 26.
Lady Gaga with co-star Adam Driver who plays her movie husband Maurizio


Lady Gaga with co-star Adam Driver who plays her movie husband MaurizioCredit: Youtube / MGM
Patrizia Reggiani in 1998


Patrizia Reggiani in 1998Credit: Rex
Patrizia Reggiani ordered a fatal blow from fashion label heir Maurizio Gucci - pictured here together in 1972


Patrizia Reggiani ordered a fatal blow from fashion label heir Maurizio Gucci – pictured here together in 1972Credit: Alamy
Lady Gaga wows in killer heels and purple dress for House of Gucci premiere

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