Have you seen the Italian Carabinieri’s Tracer 9 police bikes?

Yamaha Motor launched its “Yamaha for Police” program in 2015, and the Italian Carabinieri are one of many recipients of bikes from the Japanese brand.

Italian Carabinieri handles both domestic and foreign police duties. In English, Carabinieri stands for Carabiners, and the organization is also called “The Benemeritawhich translates to The Reputable or The Meritorious.

Yamaha Italy executives commented on the program’s activities, saying they were very pleased to translate the brand’s commitment to the community into action and to support the authorities who protect and serve. Vito Caramia, Head of Dealer Development and New Business Department, mentioned that they are motivated to continue in this direction and to offer a wide range of Yamaha products that can meet uses on asphalt, water and snow, or off-road.

The Tracer 9s were fitted with flashing beacons and LED lights mounted on a telescopic mast with manual extensions. There is also a dual pair of LED turn signals built into the Tracer’s stock windshield. Sirens have also been added. They consist of a set of low profile neodymium speakers, both a master system and a slave system, and an electronics module with a waterproof panel with backlit buttons. A radio is also part of the specification which is connected to the rest of the fleet’s communication channels. The entire installation was designed in partnership with INTAV Srl.

On top of all that, the bikes come with the riflemen livery, which is black and red, and it looks less like a police car and more like a special edition Tracer 9. Cool stuff.

More police cars are on the way. The initial batch included 48 units of the Tracer 9 delivered to Carabinieri. According to Motociclismo, another 35 units are on the way and will also be used to carry out protection and public safety functions in accordance with the operations of the Carabinieri.

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