Gold Pinarello track bikes stolen by Italian team recovered in Romania

The 22 track bikes stolen from the Italian team at the world championships in Roubaix are back in Italy after the team’s mechanics traveled to Romania to collect them from local police.

The bikes were valued at over € 400,000 and included 12 Pinarello Bolide bikes and the four gold bikes used by Philippe Ganna and his Olympic team pursuit gold medalist teammates.

Several bikes were fitted with custom 3D printed titanium handlebars, while the Team Pursuit team’s gold bikes are valued at € 30,000 each.

According to The Gazzetta dello Sport, 10 other road bikes belonging to different riders were also recovered and taken to Italy but several wheels are missing.

The bikes were stolen from a van parked outside the Italian hotel during the track world championships in Roubaix in October. The bikes were due to be brought back to Italy but thieves struck overnight at the Italian team’s hotel in Lille.

The bicycles were discovered by the Romanian police when they caught the criminals trying to sell the bicycles.

The bikes were recovered during house searches which also uncovered other stolen goods, including eight televisions, 10 cell phones, drugs and € 2,800 in cash. 20 people were arrested in connection with the operation.

The Italian Cycling Federation was worried about getting the bikes back, but after hiring a lawyer to complete the paperwork, the mechanics of the national team traveled to Romania on Monday and brought them back to Italy.

According to The Gazzetta dello Sportby Ciro Scognamiglio, the bikes are now secured at the Montichiari velodrome near Brescia.

“They loaded the bikes on Monday and left Romania immediately. Now the bikes are back in Italy, at the Montichiari velodrome. They are all there, only a few wheels are missing, ”said Italian Federation President Cordiano Dagnoni. The Gazzetta dello Sport.

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