Explore uncharted India on Independence Day

Let’s take a break from the hectic life and explore the uncharted destination this Independence Day long weekend. This is the perfect time to experience India’s vast cultural and geographic diversity and take pride in our country’s achievements.

India is home to the greatest exposition of the countless cultural concepts of the world, each with its own customs, traditions, language and cuisine. And since it’s only a flight or a short drive away, we don’t even need a visa to visit and admire this breathtaking heritage! Travel to any of these places to celebrate India this year and learn about its alluring, ancient and diverse cultural and natural past while indulging yourself, experiencing local hospitality and enjoying a well-deserved vacation. and deliberately indulgent.

Check into these beautiful properties to savor the best of India:

Visalam, Kanadukathan, Tamil Nadu

This charming 15-room resort located in the Chettinad village of Kanadukathan allows guests to experience the 19th century Chettiar culture.

One of the finest examples of a typical chettiar house, Visalam is a veritable museum. Burmese teak woodwork and ornate ceilings, Belgian glassware, Italian marble, beautiful handmade tiles, as well as a stunning heritage pool, all speak to the travels, explorations, global design and aesthetic sensibilities of the traditional traders in Chettinadu.

Visalam is authentic in all its offerings and is an excellent base from which to explore the rich cultural heritage of the Chettinad region. Activities include biking and walking tours of the opulent interiors and architecture of Chettinad homes, encounters with cotton weavers, instruction in the production of the colorful and distinctive Athangudi tiles, and observation of the life of the town. The facility was designed to deliver hyperlocal experiences, including the hot, hearty and distinctive Chettinad cuisine prepared by village women.

Samode Haveli, Jaipur:

“Jaane Kya Dikh Jaye”? visit Rajasthan to taste the much talked about royalty of Rajasthan. The 200-year-old Samode Haveli is one of the finest examples of Rajputana hospitality right in the heart of old Jaipur. The Haveli is the stuff of fairy tales, with century-old murals, artwork and furniture in colorful, flowing fabrics, and beautiful rooms and suites arranged between courtyards, terraces and bouganvilla-lined alcoves .

Enjoy local Rajasthani cuisine; there are many options for vegetarians and carnivores, as well as various international cuisines. Don’t miss the hotel’s morning guided walks in the old town; step outside the walls to see local markets, museums and art galleries. Samode Haveli is ideal for getting a full taste of the affluent aristocracy, binge eating, activities of Jaipur and an Instagrammable vacation.

Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal:

It is easy to understand why the city of Bhopal and its surroundings are so well planned. they have immaculate roads, beautiful architecture, strategically located government buildings, cleverly landscaped green spaces and watering holes, and an illuminating history of literature and the arts. In the streets, in their civic sense, in their museums (Tribal Museum and Museum of Man), and in their behavior, the people of Bhopal show respect for the local tribes, the natural environment and the history of the city. .

At the foot of the Shyamla Hills, the Jehan Numa Palace offers a panoramic view of the city. The palace, which was built in the early 19th century by the Begum’s last son, General Obaidullah Khan, exquisitely encapsulates the family’s heritage, Bhopal’s history and the royal way of life. Heritage rooms open onto balconies with views of the Royal Stables Pool and Racecourse – the undying love for horses has been an important legacy in the family. Royal Bhopali cuisine, with a treasure trove of dishes created from centuries-old recipes, is served alongside global and modern cuisines.

Chittoor Kottaram, Kochi, Kerala:

Every inch of this 200-year-old king’s residence, a devotional royal mansion near the scenic backwaters, is adorned with earthy Keralan pleasures and grace. Chittoor Kottaram was created by the Rajah of Cochin as a break from his routine and a method to honor the nearby family deity temple.

One is immediately transported to a mythical bygone era by entering the ancient palace with a single key and taking a mysterious boat trip through the waterways of Kerala. This pure-blooded heritage, which Lady Halyn’s Trust has painstakingly and precisely restored, is nestled amongst magical gardens and beautiful backwaters with swaying palms and flowering vines. Three bedrooms and the living room are dotted with wooden windows, making them spacious, well-lit and visually pleasing.

Let Mervin, the traditional karyasthan (royal guardian), regale you with tales and anecdotes about the palace as you savor dishes that are Kerala’s best kept secrets as they are meticulously crafted and customized to suit the dietary preferences and requirements. Set aside a day to visit Fort Kochi, which is protected by UNESCO and is known for its unique cuisine and culture. The Muziris Archaeological Museum is another option for history buffs who want to know the latest information about the legendary community.

Cruises on the Spice Coast:

Discover Kerala in a unique way! For generations, rice and spices have been transported along these streams in Kerala using kettuvallams. These historic houseboats are transformed by CGH Earth Spice Coast Cruises into stunning floating hotels for authentic experiences of the cultural and ecological heritage of Kerala’s backwaters.

Houseboats include a living area and foredeck in addition to single and double cabins with opulent private bedrooms and peaceful lake views. Your entourage is made up of charming local fishermen who provide food and engage in trades that perfectly illustrate the history and way of life of the people who depend on the waterways for their livelihood. CGH offers unique tours aboard these luxurious barges. However, even a weekend getaway on these boats is a unique experience of serendipity and cultural discovery. And one that you can pack with water activities such as stand-up paddling and canoeing for even more fun!

Fazlani Natures Nest, Lonavala, Maharashtra:

In a serene village called Takwe near Lonavala in Maharashtra, the Fazlani Natures Nest resort offers a breathtaking display of lush green lawns alongside the azure waters of the lake. The resort overlooks the majestic Western Ghats mountains and is surrounded by lush green lands dense with varied flora and fauna.

It’s therapeutic to enjoy the view. The resort, conveniently located midway between Mumbai and Pune, specializes in integrated therapeutic techniques based on accepted principles of alternative health care. Each visitor receives real therapies designed to align their lifestyle with a balanced state of well-being. Some of the treatments provided at Fazlani Nature’s Nest are unique and distinctive in the country.

The resort offers distinct activities including “Equine Therapy”, a powerful means of treatment that uses horses in a team effort with amazing results to help people with special needs. Savor a full meal of a variety of local delicacies and international bestsellers while immersing yourself in a holistic lifestyle.

Each visitor receives a personalized health care program that includes a variety of treatments using a combination of naturopathy and Ayurveda to provide the best rebalancing and revitalizing experiences based on their body composition. The wide range of therapies offered focus on using natural healing techniques to promote healing. In an attempt to address any existing health issues, clients are also offered naturopathy and a variety of yoga techniques.

Mansion, Goa:

A boutique hotel converted from a historic building is called Mansion Haus. The restored 18th century family home of Kezya De Braganca is the perfect place to admire the remarkable metamorphosis of the charming former Portuguese colony. Visitors will be enchanted by the Anjuna district of Goa, known for its vibrant nightlife, planned dining adventures and timeless architecture.

A luxurious boutique hotel has been created in the former private residence. It prides itself on neo-classical furnishings and distinctive Goan architecture that delicately balance hotel amenities with environmental considerations. When dinner is prepared using gourmet, organic and local foods, it’s sure to be an unforgettable epicurean adventure.

Its authenticity comes from being run by a local female business owner whose family has long been involved in the city’s vibrant culture. The location is intended to serve as a peaceful getaway for discerning travelers, offering all the comforts, privacy and familiarity of home while being a haven of history, culture and the arts. A warm human connection and engaging experiential hospitality is offered by premier hospitality.

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