Expect increased traffic as students return to BU

Binghamton-area motorists can expect an annual increase in traffic on the Vestal Parkway, around restaurants and malls starting August 18, as students return to Binghamton University.

Authorities have reported for the past two weeks that some Binghamton University students have found their way back to Broome County, but official “move-in day” begins Thursday morning.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

According to newsletters, notices, and other communications from Binghamton University, thousands of students will begin to call Vestal Campus and off-campus accommodation officially home beginning the morning of August 18. .

From Thursday to Saturday August 20, new freshmen and transfer students are expected to move in while returning students are expected to move in the afternoons of Friday August 19 to Saturday August 20 and all day Sunday August 21.

Students were encouraged to plan their move-in time or be assigned random times by the University.

According to a statement sent to local media, Binghamton University announced that more than 3,000 freshmen, 900 transfer students and 1,500 new graduate students are expected to join the Binghamton University “campus community” this year. .

Classes for about 18,600 students will begin on August 23.

Before getting down to business, the University offers a variety of welcome week activity plans, including open houses, ice cream parties, networking events, arts and crats, tours from the library, bus rides to the Town Square mall, cornhole games and, more seriously: meet with counselors to talk about class times and details.

Motorists for the next few weeks should be aware that there will be increased traffic and many people are unfamiliar with the area around Vestal Campus. Add to this the construction of the Greenway Shared Pedestrian/Cycle Pathway Project along Vestal Parkway eastbound from east of Murray Hill Road to west of Clubhouse Road near University Plaza which closed one lane. Even returning students might be confused by the new traffic patterns.

This area was the site of a fatal, frontal, wrong-way crash less than two weeks ago that killed a Johnson City couple. It is not known whether changes in the traffic pattern contributed to this accident.

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