“Enea Bastianini and Jorge MartIn will have two factory bikes, only the color changes” – Claudio Domenicali

Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia is Ducati’s main candidate for the MotoGP title and has already secured his future with the factory team, but his teammate is far from decided, with the choice between Enea Bastianini or Jorge Martin.

The subject was talked about in the paddock. Firstly because the best Ducati rider this year is Johann Zarco, third, who doesn’t seem to be on the table to join the official team. If last year Jorge Martin attracted attention with the Desmosedici, this year it was the same with Enea Bastianini. One of them will be a factory rider in the official team and the other will be a factory rider on the Pramac with the same bike, like this, as Domenicali explained to La Gazzetta dello Sport:

– Nothing changes. Let me explain: Bastianini and Martin will both have an official Desmosedici, with all the material and developments in real time. It’s like having three runners. The only difference will be that one will have the official Ducati livery and the other that of Pramac.

The Italian also had a brief comment on ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia, in particular to clarify what he lacks to be able to fight for the title in the premier class:

– He has talent and determination. So far he has lacked a pinch of maturity in certain races, this is the last step to take the World Championship. But I believe, these points can be recovered.

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