Eleveit presents the Mud Maxi two-piece adventure suit


Eleveit takes a page from their racing experience and designed the Mud Maxi wetsuit, a two-piece item that offers plenty of pockets, modularity and ergonomics for adventure and enduro riders that will help them even on journeys. the most difficult.

The brand specializes in boots, clothing and even gloves, and the Mud Maxi is the latest in the Italian brand’s clothing collection. The new line consists of two pieces, namely the jacket and then the pants. Both are made from a durable yet elastic fabric and then the inside of either is lined with a breathable mesh lining.

The jacket itself features a very slim fit, so more husky riders might have a harder time finding the right size. The jacket circulates air through a set of zippered air intakes that are positioned on the shoulders, chest and back. As mentioned, the inner liner allows air to pass between the outer shell of the jacket and the rider’s skin. A set of elastics found on the shoulders and elbows ensures the rider’s comfort and an optimal fit, no matter how crazy an outing. Since this is an adventure style jacket, you have plenty of pockets with two pockets that close with magnets on the body, two smaller pockets with sippers on the chest and two back pockets with zippers . If your rider is too hot, don’t worry because Eleveit has even given you the option of removing the sleeves.

Eleveit Mud Maxi Two Piece Suit
Eleveit Mud Maxi Two Piece Suit
Eleveit Mud Maxi Two Piece Suit

Meanwhile, the Mud Maxi pants are made from the same material as the jacket, feature elastic accordions for the joint areas, and also have the same breathable mesh lining that keeps you cool as you ride. One design feature that I think is quite thoughtful from Eleveit is the inclusion of a full grain leather insert which will protect your bike from scratches and give the pants an extra layer of protection on the inside. of the leg to prevent the garment from wearing prematurely. Apart from that, you also get air intakes on the side, as well as adjustable closures with velcro straps, zippers and buttons for a bespoke fit.

If you want to get this set, you will need to shell out over $ 400 USD (€ 370 EUR) to get the set. The jacket alone will cost you € 219.90 ($ 250) and the pants alone will cost you $ 170. Sizes range from S to XXXL for the jacket and from 28 to 42 for the pants.


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