EICMA 2021: the Aprilia SR GT adventure scooter presented

Aprilia has ventured into the smaller capacity off-road scooter with its SR GT 125 and SR GT 200. The scooter will soon be released in the international market, and Aprilia India is unlikely to launch them here.

Aprilia recently launched the SR 125 and SR 160 scooters in India. But the Italian two-wheeler manufacturer unveiled a more off-road oriented maxi-scooter at EICMA 2021. Aprilia unveiled the SR GT adventure scooter in two variants, 125 and 200. Aprilia SR GT 125 is the one with a smaller motor in between. Besides the engine displacement, the two scooters are identical.

Aprilia SR GT 125 and 200 three quarter static

Aprilia SR GT 125 (left) and Aprilia SR GT 200 (right)

The SR GT’s fairing is striking to say the least. The scooters have a muscular apron, and the 125 and 200 have a smoked visor up front. Scooters also have aluminum skid plates that double as a footrest.

The seat is a one-piece unit, however, there is a step in the design. Although SR GTs are all-terrain oriented, the exhaust piping appears to be exposed and closer to the ground, which can hamper clearance for scooters.

Aprilia SR GT 200 cockpit

The scooters are equipped with a 14 inch alloy wheel in the front and a 13 inch alloy wheel in the rear. Both the SR GT 125 and the SR GT 200 are fitted with dual-purpose tires.

The Aprilia SR GT 125 is equipped with a 125 cm3 engine capable of developing 14.75 hp at 8,750 rpm and 12 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The scooter tips the scales at 144 kg (curb).

Aprilia SR GT 200 seat

The SR GT 200 which is the one with a larger displacement engine gets a 174 cc engine. Power is marked at 17.43 hp at 8,500 rpm and 16.5 Nm at 7,000 rpm. Both scooters are equipped with a CVT transmission.

It is too early to confirm whether or not Aprilia will introduce the new SR GTs in India. The brand currently sells the Aprilia Storm 125 which is presented as a rough road oriented scooter. The firm can update the Storm 125 with a more current styling or even a 160cc engine of greater capacity.

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