Dembell Motorhome wants you to travel like a gentleman, redefines sand yachting

This European-made motorhome has a three-axle Mercedes base and comes in three garage versions, allowing you to take smaller vehicles with you to suit your tastes and needs. Option number one comes with a side chamber that gives you just enough space to take your quad or bike with you on your travels. It is a flexible solution with three slides and you can furnish the space as you see fit.

If you want to fit more than just a bicycle in the Dembell motorhome, you can opt for the Small Garage version. This one comes with two sliding exits, offering the best compromise. It makes it possible to transport a smaller car, such as a Smart for example, while facilitating its furnishing.

And of course, there is also a Large Garage version, which is aimed at travelers who do not want to skimp, especially on their comfort. With this option, you have enough space to store your Ferrari California or any 13-14.7ft (4-4.5m) car. Not only that, but you always get maximum comfort in the room above.

Dembell even offers you the possibility to create your exclusive model and configure it according to your specific needs. Whichever model you choose, there are three trim levels available with this men’s tank. There is also standard equipment available with each of the options.

Some of the standards include solar panel, generator, appliances such as standard oven and microwave, dishwasher, 224 liter refrigerator, washer and dryer, water tank fresh 1000 liters, a television up to 55 inches with Bose sound system in the main room as well as in the bedroom. You also get an electric parasol up to 20.6 x 11.4 inches (6.3 x 3.5 meters) with a wind sensor.

To maximize the elegance, Dembell hid all unsightly and protruding parts such as the frames and used hidden hinges. The motorhome is an example of innovative engineering, with central heating for example being designed as in a normal family home. It has underfloor heating and radiators, as well as side windows and surface-heated skylights.

Once you step into the vehicle, you instantly feel overwhelmed by the luxury that surrounds you. The builder has teamed up with a renowned Italian designer, whose work you can admire in Azimut yachts. Dembell even brags about the “yacht-like” interior of his motorhome. You can choose between lighter, darker or classic colors.

The ground level remains the same throughout the vehicle, with the motorhome measuring 2.05m interior height.

Starting with the cockpit, there are four seats with massage and air conditioning functions, ensuring comfort and a fatigue-free experience.

Children and guests can rest in a queen size bed of 5’3 “x 6’7” (1.6 x 2m).

A warm and natural feeling is offered by the parquet floors of the Dembell and the veneer furniture. As for the sofa, you can choose between upholstery in leather or other tasteful fabrics.

The smart kitchen is fitted with Miele appliances, while the bathroom uses high-end materials such as ceramic for the toilet, sink and shower tray, and stone for the coverings. There are also glass windows.

Overall, Dembell aims to provide a luxury travel experience, combining elegance with an overall feeling of relaxation. The motorhome was first shown last fall, but it will make a public appearance at this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Show, which opens on August 27. We hope to receive updates regarding the price and launch date of the vehicle.

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