Bianchi announces plans for new carbon frames factory in Italy

Work has started on a brand new Bianchi factory and headquarters in Italy’s Treviglio region, the company’s CEO Fabrizio Scalzotto said on Thursday.

Plans for a 325,000 square foot facility include 180,000 square meters for the production of bicycles and the establishment of an on-site Bianchi Museum aimed at attracting tourists to the area. The work is expected to be completed in 2023 and is expected to cost around £ 35million.

The new site will employ more than 250 people, with the project hoping to revitalize one of northern Italy’s traditional industrial centers by relocating the bulk of Bianchi’s carbon fiber frame production to Italian soil. The company hopes to increase its Italy-based production from 250 bikes per day to over 1,000 units per shift.

Earlier this year, Scalzotto claimed it was ‘now or never’ when it came to returning control of the manufacturing process to Italy, as logistical disruptions from Covid-19 and the trade war American-Chinese have seen order times stretching from 500 to 700 days. .

“Key to Bianchi’s vision and strategy is the start of a relocation process, bringing back to Italy the technical and production capacities that had been outsourced outside of Europe in previous decades,” said Thursday Scalzotto.

The president and owner of Bianchi, Salvatore Grimaldi, reaffirmed this commitment to local production by declaring: “The growth and development of businesses is the challenge that fascinates me more than any other, and today we embrace a new one. : to create at Bianchi one of the bicycle manufacturing factories in the world. We are proud to have chosen Treviglio for this renewal and for our future. Treviglio will not only house a technology and design factory, but also a leading and ambitious company with a global vision. “

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