Best of Somerville 2021

The winners of the Somerville Times Readers’ Choice results for


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2021 Readers’ Choice

Best idea in 2021: Extend the moratorium on residential evictions in the city

Worst idea in 2021: Powderhouse Circle new taxiway

Somerville’s best restaurants and eateries:

Somerville’s most unique vegan take-out and delivery service: Litterburg, 5 Sanborn Court

Best breakfast: Ball Square. Cafe, 708 Broadway

Best breakfast sandwiches: Thurston Spa, 393 Medford St.

Best breakfast and lunch combo: Café Rustica, 356 Beacon St.

Best Italian Takeout: Vinny’s at Night, 76 Broadway

Best Italian specialty store: Capone Foods, 14 Bow St.

Best Portuguese Restaurant: Neighborhood Restaurant, 25 Bow St.

Best Brazilian Restaurant: Gauchao Brazilian Cuisine, 102 Broadway

Best Chinese Food: China Delight, 524 Somerville Ave.

Best Mexican Cuisine: Restaurant Don Julio, 514 A Medford St.

Best Varied and Versatile Restaurant: Mount Vernon Restaurant, Broadway

Best seafood restaurant: Out of the Blue, 215 Elm St.

Best Irish pub: The Burren, 247 Elm St.

Best burger: Boston Burger Company, 37 Davis Sq.

Best roast beef sandwich: Mortadella Head, 20 College Ave.

Best vegan tacos: Taco Party, 711 Broadway

Best bar food: Sally O’Brien’s, 335 Somerville Ave.

Best vegetarian pizza: Veggie Crust, 445 Somerville Ave.

Best Pizza: Mamma Lisa’s Pizzeria, 312 Broadway

Best Gourmet Pizza: Posto, 187 Elm St.

Best Breaded Pizza: Leone’s, 292 Broadway

Best Detroit-style pizza: Avenue Kitchen and Bar, 158 Boston Ave.

Best BBQ: Redbones, 55 Chester St.

Best fried chicken: Trina’s Starlite Lounge, 3 Beacon St.

Best sub-store: Angelina’s, 230 Holland St.

Best sandwiches: Dave’s Fresh Pasta, 81 Holland St.

Best Chocolate: Taza Chocolate, 561 Windsor St.

Best donuts: Union Square Donuts, 20 Bow St.

Best muffins: Magnificent Muffin & Bagel Shoppe, 1118 Broadway

Best Cakes: Lyndell’s Bakery, 720 Broadway

Best cannoli: Mike’s Pastry, 445 Revolution Dr.

Best Half-Moons: Lyndell’s Bakery, 720 Broadway

Best pies: Petsi Pies, 285 Beacon St.

Best Cheesecake: 7ATE9 Bakery, 199C Highland Ave.

Best local cafe: 3 Little Figs, 278 Highland Ave.

Best bar for groups: The Jungle, 6 Sanborn Ct.

Best Restaurant/Entertainment: First on Broadway, 517 Broadway

Best Brewery: AERONAUT, 14 Tyler St.

Best Restaurant: Kelly’s Diner, 674 Broadway

Best local bar: The Pub, 682 Broadway

Best Bowling: Flatbread Company, 45 Day St.

The best of Somerville’s services:

Best Optometrists: Eye Associates of Somerville, 174 Broadway

Best Medical Services: Somerville Family Practice, 1020 Broadway

Best Wellness Clinic: KenkoDo, 735 Broadway

Best Dentist Office: West Somerville Dental Associates, 124 College Ave.

Best Electricians: Bent Electrical Contractors, 59A Inner Belt Rd.

Top plumbers: TJ Sillari, Inc., 99 Albion St.

Best Law Firm: Rumery & Smith, 403 Highland Ave.

Best Paralegal: Paula LeBlanc, O’Donovan Law Office, 741 Broadway

Best Insurance Agency: Wedgewood-Crane & Connolly, 19 College Ave.

Best Bank: Winter Hill Bank,

Best Bank President: Sandra L. McGoldrick, Winter Hill Bank

Best Branch Manager: Lisa Ramos, Century Bank

Best Cashier: Britanny Kluber, Century/Eastern Bank

Best Real Estate Rental Agent: Bill Murphy, Colony Real Estate, 1242 Broadway

Best florist: Hallie’s Garden, 11 Miller St.

Best Waiter/Waitress: Mount Vernon Waitstaff, 14 Broadway

Best Chef: Omar Djebbouri, Ball Sq Café, 708 Broadway

Best Laundromat: Spin Cycle, 6 Main St.

Best liquor store: Sullivan Square liquors, 88 Broadway

Best barber shop: Alibrandi’s Barber Shop, 194 Holland St.

Best Hair Salon: Salon Cu, 698 Broadway

Best Hairstylist: Lori Pino, Amal Niccoli, 731 Broadway

Best Mechanic: Pat Lydon, Auto Plus, 229A Lowell St.

Best Body: A Plus Autobody, 297 Medford St.

Top Handyman: Bill Faber, Main St.

Best Contractor: Bobby Potaris, Potaris Construction

Best Pest Exterminator: Best Pest Control Services, 63 Elm St.

Best dry cleaners: Family Dry Cleaners, 5 Main St.

Best Teacher: Tim Dumphy, Full Circle

Best Nurse: Mary Hart, Cambridge Health Alliance

Best Police Officer: Officer Tom Lambert

Best Firefighter: Lieutenant Danielle O’Hearn

Somerville’s Best Arts/Entertainment:

Best Somerville Poet: Doug Holder

Best Photographer: Claudia Ferro

Best Food Columnist: Dorothy DiMarzo, Dorothy’s Corner

Best Somerville Stories: Jimmy Del Ponte

Top Somerville Historian: Bob “Monty” Doherty

Best Somerville Nonprofit Agency: Somerville Homeless Coalition, 1 Davis Sq.

Somerville’s Best Charity: Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville,

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