Berks Food Safety Inspections

Berks County is divided into three jurisdictions: Reading, Muhlenberg Township and the rest of the county. Reading and Muhlenberg Township have their own food safety inspectors, and the rest of the county is inspected by inspectors from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

The results will be published every two weeks. All food vendors are inspected at least once a year. Other inspections can be triggered by a change in ownership, a follow-up if an installation was not compliant, or by a complaint filed with the PDA.

View the latest seller from any vendor online inspection report. Click on the PDF version of the inspection report for all the details.

If a food supplier is labeled non-compliant, it means they have one or more violations that require a return visit by an inspector. The property has time to resolve the issue(s) and remains open for business.

Below are the results of inspections conducted between August 31 and September 13, 2022, which were filed in the state database on September 15 at 5 p.m.

Please note: The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture website did not show any reports made by its inspectors for Berks during this date range from 9 p.m. No one from the ministry was available to comment on the reason at midnight.

Canton of Mühlenberg

Adelphia Seafood2934 N. Fifth Street Highway, Sept. 10: No violation.

Chatty Monks Brewing Co. Inc.2934 N. Fifth Street Highway, Sept. 10: No violation.

Italian and French pastry, 2934 N. Fifth Street Highway, September 10: three violations. Refrigerator access temperature measured at 43.0 degrees F, corrected to 37.8 degrees F. Wiping cloth not stored in sanitizing solution. Unpublished ServSafe certificate.

Lbs-N-Ozs LLC, 2934 N. Fifth Street Highway, Sept. 10: four violations. Wet wiping cloths observed in *sink area, not stored in sanitizing solution. Crumb food dispensing utensil observed stored in food and not with handle above top of food. Corrected immediately. Unobserved food employee certification certificate displayed. No chemical disinfectants were used on equipment and utensils after washing and rinsing and before use.

San’s Asian cuisine2934 N. Fifth Street Highway, Sept. 10: No violation.

Weisser charcuterie2934 N. Fifth Street Highway, Sept. 10: No violation.

While reading

Cocinando Con Joako1049 Penn St., Sept. 13: No violations.

El Gallito Mexican Bakery, 948 Buttonwood St., Sept. 12: two violations. Empty towel dispenser at hand basin in both food preparation areas. Soap was not available at the sink in the rear food prep area. The air intake/exhaust duct should be cleaned or the filters changed as it emits dust and dirt into the air.

Family dollar store #27455 370142840 Penn St., Sept. 12: No violations.

Franklyn Breakfast Burger1007 Penn St., Sept. 12: No violations.

DMA Pizza 379747549 Penn St., Sept. 9: No violations.

General Dollar #14593, 219 Buttonwood St., Sept. 9: two violations. Toilets in women’s toilets must be properly secured. Observed freezer equipment, in rear storage area, with accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, debris on non-food contact surfaces.

Subway549 Penn St., Sept. 9: No violations.

The Great American Creamery645 Penn St., Sept. 9: No violations.

Y&S Grocery, 157 Buttonwood St., Sept. 9: Violation. The hood system should be properly cleaned and maintained by a professional. Required documents.

The Import of Salino 339507923 Elm St., Sept. 2: No violations.


The following reports for the period August 17 to August 30, 2022 were added to the state database after September 1 and do not appear in the Previous Berks Food Safety Report.


Pizza C&C, 92 Main St., Strausstown, Aug. 30: Violation. The chlorine chemical sanitizer residue detected in the final rinse cycle of the low temperature sanitizing dishwasher was 10 ppm, not 50-100 ppm as required. Possibility of disinfecting in the washing sink until repaired.

Shartlesville Fire Company #15637 Old Route 22 PO Box 7, Shartlesville, Aug. 30: No violations.

Canton of Mühlenberg

General Dollar #72123215 N. Fifth Street Highway, Aug. 29: No violations.

Giant Food Store #422, 4320 N. Fifth Street Highway, Aug. 29: four violations. The bins inside the food facility (bakery area) were not used immediately and were not covered properly. The bulk bins/ingredient storage containers in the bakery area were not labeled with the common name of the food. The seal of the A3 freezer is damaged and must be repaired/replaced. Ceiling in the bakery area, has a hole.

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