Back-to-school questions unanswered during Murphy’s vacation in Italy


As Governor Phil Murphy enjoys a vacation with his family in their luxurious Italian villa, many uncertainties remain ahead of the new school year.

Murphy flew to his multi-million dollar vacation home shortly after announcing that all students and staff should wear masks inside school buildings when the New Year begins next month.

As districts plan to welcome students and staff back to full-time in-person learning next month, many are struggling to plan without further guidance from the state.

Among the remaining issues are college sports, after-school programs and clubs, and the thorny issue of mandatory vaccinations for teachers and other school workers.

Following the announcement of the mask’s mandate, many school principals sighed in relief. He had referred the matter to local districts, and school boards and school administrators were feeling the heat from the public. The tenure, they say, removed that heat and at least clarified a key back-to-school issue.

Before leaving for Italy, Murphy also suggested that more advice would be coming “soon”.

Not early enough for most districts, which need time to prepare parents, students and staff for the new school year. If Murphy orders mandatory vaccinations for educators, there is little time to do so before class begins.

It is not known what the governor will do in terms of vaccinating teachers. He made them mandatory by September 7 for those working in healthcare, nursing homes and prisons.

One of Murphy’s most powerful allies and financial backer, the New Jersey Education Association, opposes mandatory vaccinations. Marie Blistan, president of the New Jersey Education Association, said the state’s largest teachers’ union is urging its members to get vaccinated. “Because everyone who gets vaccinated is now helping to make our schools and communities safer,” Blistan said.

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