Andrea Doria Kale will challenge Greg Steube on a woman’s right to choose

Democrat Andrea Doria Kalé quietly qualified earlier this year to challenge US Rep. Greg Steube for his seat in Congress. Now the old hillary clinton the campaign manager hopes to make some noise by knocking him down.

A self-proclaimed “bill clinton Democrat,” the North Port resident hopes to surprise people and win a seat that isn’t on many people’s radars.

“It caught my attention after the redistricting of this governor. Ron DeSantis created this neighborhood as the whitest neighborhood in Florida,” she notes. It is also a solidly republican country. Indeed, at 79.1% white, there is no district in the state where a single ethnicity makes up such a large portion of the electorate, according to data from Dave’s recut.

But it is also a strongly Republican seat where 57.49% of voters voted for the Republican donald trump in the 2020 election and only 41.56% voted for the Democrat Joe Biden.

Kale, however, looks to fight. She served as IT director and deputy operations director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign in Florida, then helped support Biden’s 2020 campaign. In both elections, Trump won Florida.

She sees a number of reasons why the far-right politics of Trump and Steube should not represent the district where she has lived since 2015. She expects decisions like the Supreme Court decision. to spill Roe v. Wade will urge women to vote Democrat. Steube said the decision marked a “monumental day in America that will be celebrated for decades.” For Kale, the question is more personal.

She first became pregnant at 18 and gave up her baby for adoption because she lacked the support to be a single mother. She then reconnected with her daughter when she was 22 and now has a relationship with four grandchildren.

But having a pregnancy was her choice.

“A lot of women there, and I’ve met a lot of them before, don’t want the government in their bodies, invading them in the bedroom, telling them when to have babies and how to have babies,” Kale said. “It’s the trend. Hispanic voters, Catholic voters, they all say, just because of my belief and what I choose for myself, they don’t believe in imposing our religious preferences on anyone else.

She doesn’t believe Americans want to deny a young girl the ability to end a pregnancy while providing so few resources to raise a child.

There are plenty of other issues that Kale takes issue with in Steube’s voting record. “He’s a veteran who claims to care about veterans but voted against the PACT law without any explanation,” she said. “He also voted against the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.”

She hopes to rally ties through her political involvement, including those who worked with Georgia US Sen. Raphael Warnock successful 2020 election campaign.

Steube has a cash advantage — and wants more. His campaign sent out an email Wednesday asking for donations and predicting that Democrats “will try to manipulate and lie to stay in power in November.” August 3Steube had raised nearly $1.3 million this election cycle and had $853,960 in cash, while Kale had raised $18,215 and spent all but $1,040.

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