Actress Nabila Huda delighted to study Italian at Universiti Malaya



ACTRESS Nabila Huda expressed her joy at being accepted to study Italian at the Faculty of Languages ​​and Linguistics at Universiti Malaya, Kosmo reported !.

Nabila said she received a message regarding her acceptance from the head of the university’s Asian and European languages ​​department.

She had planned to take the course at the faculty in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Malaysia.

The daughter of legendary singer Amy Search said she had actively produced a vlog on Italy for three years until the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I have visited Italy three years in a row to find places off the beaten track for my vlogging,” she said, adding that her frequent visits to Italy have helped build a good relationship with the Embassy. of Italy.

She will start her course on October 18th.

> Despite the discomfort, the owner of a hamburger and ayam golek (grilled chicken with herbs and spices) stall in Kajang, Selangor, wears a Batman costume for more than seven hours a day in an effort to attract customers, Harian Metro reported.

Faiz Amirul Mustaqim, 29, stands by the side of the road waving a poster to drivers passing by his stall while his wife Nik Aishah Nik Wahib, 25, prepares orders.

Faiz is delighted that his gadget has paid off, as customers not only buy his food, but also take photos with him.

“I put on the costume at home but I only wear the mask when I open the stand.

“Usually, I wear the costume from noon to 7 p.m. or until the stand closes.

“It’s hot but it’s a way to promote my shop,” he said when we met him at his booth called Burgelora.

Faiz started his business last November, selling 12 types of burgers priced between RM3 and RM9, while ayam golek sells for RM 23.

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