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05/11/2021 at 06:25 PM CET

It is obvious that Pedro Acosta (Mazarrón, Murcia, May 25, 2004) is not too worried about having lost the opportunity, during the last Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna, to become the youngest world champion in history ahead of the Italian Loris Capirossi. If he is this Sunday, in Portimao (Portugal), at the Algarve Grand Prix, he will undoubtedly be the happiest boy in the world, probably all his life whether or not he adds all the successes that everyone announces to him .

The ‘Mazarrón shark’, as he likes to be called, will be the youngest Spaniard in history to win a title at 17 years and 263 days, as will the ‘rookie’, the most spectacular of all time. Believe it or not, and I know you believe it, the World Cup debut of Acosta was very, very, superior to that of Valentino Rossi or himself Marc Marquez.

Acosta, already on the podium of his first grand prix (second in Qatar behind Jaume Masia), won his second race in Dooha ahead of the South African Darryn Binder. But it is that Acosta did much more in front of the world admiration: he won six races in the following grand prix and he stopped. Or he started to take advantage. Or they stopped him. Often his team leader, the Finn Aki Ajo, loses the title and the advantage gained!

Acosta, who is due to beat Italy’s Dennis Foggia, this year’s other great and formidable Moto3 rider of this year, as well as the injured Sergio García, who was fighting for the throne until much damage was done on Sunday in Austin, Texas. , USA), has perhaps been excessively conservative in the last six races, where he has only been on the podium once, a fortnight ago in San Marino, where he lost the first “match ball” to be champion. That day, ‘Pacosta’, as it appears in the ranking lists, was to win and that Foggia was 12th or worse. And Foggia won, adding his fifth victory, and the “shark” had to settle for the bronze medal.

Acosta returns this weekend on one of the roads, the beautiful ascent and descent of Portimao, where he has already beaten Foggia in the last lap of the Portuguese GP. That day, Acosta was second throughout the race, furthermore, Foggia led 16 of the 21 laps of the grand prix and, in the last lap, the Murcian put the bike Italian-style at turn 13, a Heroically endured the whiplash as he gave him his KTM on the way down and crossed the line as a winner.

“It’s a track that I like and of course I’ll try to take the title by winning, although later in the race we’ll see what happens. I’m not going crazy. The points added, the points gained, the advantage we have is to manage it and, therefore, if I have to wait until Valencia is champion, I will wait, even if I want to close the championship as soon as possible & rdquor;, commented last Thursday Acosta in the press release of the candidates’ conference.

The truth is that the return of Foggia, who assures us that he has not yet finished the job “because as long as there is life, there is hope”, has been spectacular. . The Italian of the fast Leopard team, who still owns the fastest bike on the Moto3 grid, was 97 points behind. Acosta when the Murcian won his last GP, in Styria, and now, with two big prizes to win, he is only 21 points, that is to say in six races, Foggia he closed the gap by 76 points, or more than three wins.

It is obvious, as is almost always the case, that the champion is not always the one who wins the most but the most consistent. In this sense, Acosta, who yesterday was two tenths behind Foggia In the calculation of the first two sessions of the Algarve, he added only a zero (Aragon), while Foggia stopped scoring in six grand prix, to which he added no points: Qatar, Doha, Jerez, France, Barcelona. and Styria.

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