A Father’s Day Recap for Ottawa Italian Week

It’s been a week-long party on Preston Street, but as they say, all good things must come to an end – at least until next year.

Italian Week ended in Little Italy, with an eventful day featuring beautiful cars, live shows and fun for the kids. Preston Street was also bustling with families on Sunday for Father’s Day.

Hitting the big stage one last time was the young Italian dance group Fonte D’Amore Tarantella, delivering a special performance.

“This is our third performance of the weekend, we’ve been doing Italian tarantella, we’ve been training for four months,” said Carina Dellavalle, the band’s instructor.

“It’s been so good with the participation, the support we’ve had, the people,” added instructor Vanessa Marinelli.

They ended it all with a special surprise for dads too, each daughter gave her dad a rose.

“I’m super proud of my daughter, especially on Father’s Day. I’ve been coming here every year since I was a kid and super special to have her here this year,” said Matthew Pica, whose daughter played .

From dancing to running, families had the opportunity to celebrate together.

“My wife Michelle and I have raced here before, and it’s so nice to see our kids getting involved now,” said Adam Freed, whose son Max competed in the kids’ bike race.

For many, a visit to Italian Week is an annual tradition, passed down from generation to generation.

The festivities, all in celebration of Italian culture in the capital and back in person after two years of virtual celebrations.

“Everyone is so happy to be back, lots of smiles, lots of energy, you can feel everyone is happy to be back,” said Lydia Di Francesco, Board Chair of Ottawa Italian Week.

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