8 best balance bikes for toddlers and kids learning to ride in 2021

If you are an avid cyclist and want to pass your passion for two wheels on to your kids, or just want to help your little ones gain confidence on the road, you can’t go wrong with a bike on the road. ‘balance.

But how do they work and what are the benefits? To help you choose the perfect bike for your kids, keep scrolling through our selection of the best balance bikes to buy in 2021.

What is a balance bike?

If you are not familiar with balance bikes, they are currently taking the playgrounds by storm across Britain! But what are they and how do they work?

“A balance bike is a two-wheeled pedalless bicycle that is propelled by the rider pushing their feet along the ground,” says Julia Minchin, founder of British children’s brand Hippychick. “Balance bikes tend to be lighter than a pedal bike and are lower to the ground, making it easy and safe for a small child to reach the ground with their feet. “

The advantages of using a balance bike

Balance bikes have a number of developmental benefits for small people, described by Minchin below:

  • A balance bike will help a child develop gross motor skills, as well as the most important skill they need to ride a pedal bike: balance!
  • Learning to balance, understanding how to maneuver, avoid obstacles and control bike movements by adjusting body weight are all skills that will benefit a child later in life when they eventually hit the road on a bike. with pedals.
  • Balance bikes also help your child build leg muscles.
  • Unlike bikes with training wheels which often hamper progress and cause frustration when they refuse to ride on gravel, grass or carpeted floors, balance bikes will work on most rough surfaces. indoors or outdoors, thus encouraging a child to use it often and to master basic cycling skills faster.
  • Learning to ride a bike isn’t easy, but kids learning to ride a balance bike usually find it much easier to switch to two-wheel pedal bikes than those learning with stabilizers.

Help choose the right balance bike

While the concept is pretty straightforward and most models are based on the same simple idea, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing your child’s first balance bike.

“Make sure the seat height is correct for your child’s height. You need to make sure that when your child is seated their feet are resting securely on the floor, ”says Minchin. “You also have to consider the size of the tires on the bike. The smaller tires are great for young children because they are lighter, making them easier to steer and maneuver. ‘

It’s also worth considering investing in a balance bike that offers adjustable seat height and steering. “This will extend the life of the bike, allowing it to adapt to your child’s needs as they progress,” says Minchin. “Some balance bikes also convert from a three-wheeler to a two-wheeler, extending their lifespan. “

And how old does your child have to be to be able to ride a horse? “A three-wheel balance bike can be used by a child as young as 15 months old,” adds Minchin. “Once they have mastered basic coordination skills and are ready to ‘balance themselves’, normally around the age of 3 and up, they can then be converted to two-wheelers and can be used until the age of about 6 years, or until the child is ready to switch to pedal cycling. ‘

The best balance bikes to buy in 2021

Our list of the best balance bikes has been compiled with help from our in-house testers, top online reviews, and recommendations from our mom panel to help you choose the perfect beginner pushbike for your child.



Gingersnap balance bike

Coil Bikes

£ 144.00

This little push bike from British family brand Bobbin Bikes might not be the lightest bike on the market, but at 5kg it’s still pretty small. More importantly, the sturdy (and really cute) frame makes it a solid introduction to the world of two wheels. It also comes with a vegan leather saddle, homemade wicker basket, and a glossy paint finish in your choice of blue, red, yellow, pink, or green, so your little one is ready to go to the park in in no time. Best of all, you can join the matching adult model and the lightweight helmets from the same brand are fabulous. Our 19-month-old tester is completely in love with this bike and has mastered the art of balance in less than a week.

Weight: 5kg

Age: 24 years



Hornit AIRO


£ 139.00

This super lightweight magnesium alloy balance bike from the British brand Hornit weighs just 2.95kg, so it’s ideal for toddlers who are learning to ride for the first time. It comes with grippy footrests molded into the frame, making it easy to maneuver on mixed terrains without the little feet getting in the way, and you can choose from a range of colors including pink, red, white, yellow, blue and turquoise. As a bonus, it only requires three bolts to assemble it, so your little one will be up and running in minutes. Our panel of test mums approved this bike for its weight and style!

Weight: 2.95kg

Age: 18 months to 5 years



Micro 2 IN 1 Chopper Balance Bike


£ 89.95

Micro-scooters have dominated school racing across Britain for the past decade and more than a million children now use scooters to get around. Having recently branched out into balance bikes, this lightweight aluminum model ticks all the high-quality boxes we’ve come to expect from the brand. The Micro 2-in-1 has an adjustable seat and handlebars to make sure it fits, as well as front suspension to help your mini rider ride through different terrains. And it’s so light that it’ll be easy for your little one to maneuver, but it won’t be a dead weight when mom or dad inevitably has to bring it home from the park.

Weight: 2.45kg

Age: 25 years



Red Bullet Balance Bike


£ 35.99

If you are looking for a budget balance bike, you can’t go wrong with this simple but effective model from Italian children’s brand Chicco. Featuring a non-slip saddle and rubber grips that adapt to both your child as they grow older, as well as a sturdy frame that can support up to 25kg, the Bullet is a great starting point. Put this padded dinosaur helmet in your shopping cart while you are there to check your child’s safety boxes as well.

Weight: 2.7kg

Age: 25 years



Propaganda balance bike


£ 129.00

Considering that UK bicycle maker Raleigh is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world, we expected great things from the brand’s offering for toddlers and weren’t disappointed. The Propaganda model comes with a sturdy aluminum frame and 12 inch wheels to tackle all kinds of rough terrain, as well as beige colored handlebar grips and saddle for vintage style points. It’s not the lightest frame on the market, but our two-year-old tester put it to the test in the muddy park and it’s proven to stand up to the wear and tear of repeated hill starts and the deadly falls.

Weight: 4.6kg

Age: 18 months +



Vintage 2-in-1 Balance Tricycle with Tricycle Kit

Try the bike

£ 139.95

Another adorable vintage-inspired ride, thanks to 12-inch spoke steel wheels, wide inflatable rubber tires and a sturdy gloss-painted frame, this multi-track bike from Dutch brand Trybike will be a great start to the trip. on your little one’s bike. While it looks super cute, this one is also a great investment as it can be adjusted from a tricycle to a balance bike as your child grows and builds self-confidence on two wheels.

Weight: 6.3kg

Age: 15 months – 6 years



Napier Balance Bike 2020

British racing driver and former track star Sir Christopher Hoy MBE has turned to toddler bikes. Thanks to his vast experience in the field, the Napier (named after the school where Sir Hoy learned to ride!) Is an introduction to the world of cycling par excellence. Boasting lightweight aluminum tubing, a stopper to assist with steering, as well as a saddle with a carrying handle, this is a great little bike and your future as an athlete mom starts here! Our two-year-old tester put it to the test on the sidewalks and muddy tracks of Muswell Hill and confirms it’s a tough little bike worthy of a podium.

Weight: 3.8kg

Age: 25 years



12 inch wheel size children’s bicycle


£ 39.99

A budget version of the classic balance bike aimed at slightly older kids, this mini merry-go-round from the American brand Huffy comes with a lightweight steel frame, adjustable seat, stiff suspension for easy riding and a lifetime warranty. on the frame that will certainly survive the first few years.

Weight: 5kg

Age: 3 years and over

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